Don’t let Email Spoil your Vacation

There comes a moment in every vacation when temptation creeps. That cute little envelope on your smart device lures you to click & find out what’s inside. You give in, open your inbox, and immediately the flood gates are opened to your good ole friend – Mr. Stress.

It’s hard to tune out the realities of home because life doesn’t stop while you’re relaxing at your All Inclusive.

From all of us at BlueSun Vacations, we want you to embrace your All Inclusive vacation to the fullest & not be distracted by email alerts & social media notifications that swarm our lives everyday.

We’ve seen that,

Those who go on vacation ultimately have a more enriching experience when they unplug, prioritize rest, & maximize their resort and destination experience.



If you struggle to actually relax on vacation because of the everyday pull from a demanding inbox,

Here are some tips to make your inbox chill so you can too:


Unsubscribe like it’s your job

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of newsletters and updates especially when they’re relevant & you’re trying to stay in the know. But when you’re gone for an entire week, you can feel immediate anxiety just by looking at the dreaded number next to your inbox.

We’ve heard Mailstrom has an awesome Expire function that will automatically archive certain messages so your inbox stays so fresh & so clean, clean.

Or set up filters through Gmail to sort your mail into categories that way every email has a place to be sorted.

It’s just about working smarter ahead of time, instead of working harder afterwards.


Utilize auto response

Auto response will be your best friend.

Our BeachMasters do it all the time on Outlook when they’re on their trips visiting All Inclusive resorts. That way, you are prompt to respond and communicate without having to blink an eye all while chilling under your cabana by the pool.



Turn off distracting notifications 

Let’s be honest, everyone peeks at their phone while on vacation. We get that.

But you can be proactive to resist temptation by turning off unnecessary notifications like your social media accounts.

Limit your phone usage just like you would treat your time in the sun.

chadd and val cropped

That way when you hear that “ding ding” and your back pocket vibrates, you won’t have to resist it every time.

It’s like resisting chocolate brownies – it’s nearly impossible.


Have accountability

There may be free wifi access at your resort. But it’s not a matter of can you use it, but should you use it?

Nominate a trusted fellow traveler to be your secretary for the week. Have someone else take your phone to browse your email in case they see something that needs your immediate attention.


Capture the moment

Not every phone is evil and distracting.

Utilize your camera on your phone to take in every moment from your beautiful All Inclusive to documenting your toes in the beach sand.


Here’s our BeachMaster Roman documenting his trip to Jamaica at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa.


Totally unplug

Honestly, our best advice to guests is to totally unplug from their phones. Embrace your, “I was on vacation,” excuse while you can! When our BeachMasters take their personal vacations to their All Inclusive resorts, they leave their phones in their rooms.

This is the time to be fully focused on the ones you love without being distracted by the everyday life emails.

Don’t let something as small as a little email envelope distract you from the beauty of your All Inclusive. We don’t want you to miss a second of your getaway in paradise.