Expectations vs. Reality: All-Inclusive Resorts

It’s hard to know what to expect after booking an All-Inclusive vacation.

What will the beach be like? What about the food? What will you do all day? What about at night? Will the resort be over-crowded?

We get it. But, thankfully for you, we’re here to clear up the confusion.

Expectations vs. Reality at All-Inclusive Resorts:

Expectation: the beaches will feel dull, commercialized and crowded.

Reality: the beaches are lush, well-maintained and isolated.

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Expectation: there will only be buffets.

Reality: there will be a slew of different restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from, with food made to order.


Expectation: it’ll be boring.

Reality: from the moment you arrive you’ll have access to the pool, the beach, water sports and excursion planning — it’s anything but boring.


Expectation: once the sun goes down, there won’t be anything to do.

Reality: most resorts offer a variety of nighttime actives like shows, dance clubs and beach hang outs.


Expectation: if it rains, your trip will be ruined.

Reality: if it rains, the resort has, and will provide more indoor activities.


Expectation: you’re going to get bored of the fruity drinks.

Reality: that’s impossible.

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Expectation: the resort’s going to be overcrowded and loud.

Reality: you’ll have an abundance of peace and quiet.

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