The Best Meals to Eat at your Resort

The words “unlimited food” sound unreal. It’s so out of our norm. That makes it one the best aspects of an All Inclusive vacation. Sometimes all the options a resort has to offer can feel overwhelming.

Where should you go for lunch? Where can you find breakfast food? What restaurants are open for dinner?

All great questions. To save you some though, we’ve listed some of our favorite meals you’ll definitely want to enjoy while at your resort. And honestly, no matter what you choose, you’re taste buds will feast like never before, and your belly will be happy and full to the brim.

These are our Favorite Meals to Eat while Resorting:

Breakfast foods: 

Room service brunch

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Room service rocks. No debate there. But, unlimited room service is like nothing you’ve ever known. Not all resorts are the same, but most offer 24/7 complimentary room service. Sometimes at resorts, if you’re not an early bird, it can be hard to find restaurants serving the breakfast foods you’re craving. If you wake up late and don’t have time to get dressed and rush to the nearest restaurant, room service is the way to go. Once it hits around 11am, the kitchen is closed for breakfast food, but room service makes it that much easier to access your breakfast cravings without having to leave your room. Can’t decide between coffee or orange juice? All Inclusive perk – you can get it all, at the same time! Plus it’s all so good and present beautifully.



Guacamole & Pico de gaillo

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Most lunch restaurants will automatically offer an appetizer to your table right off the back. A classic favorite is chips, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Find a restaurant with tasty appetizers to prolong your dining experience as you sit on the patio, sipping a beachy beverage and snacking on fresh chips and guac. It’s a no-brainer: any Mexican cuisine will be better in Mexico.


Beachy Lunches:

Caesar wrap with shrimp (and fries)

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Stop by any poolside grill in the middle of your beach or pool day and grab some grub from an outdoor restaurant while chillin’ under the patio shade. Look for something light and basic with a fun little seafood flare, like a caesar salad wrap with shrimp (and let’s be honest, fries are always the best side dish). Depending on what type of day you’re wanting to have, you can even order food while you relax on the beach or by the pool. However, the demand for poolside and beachside munchin’ is high, so we suggest ordering before you get “hangry” (angry/hungry). Otherwise, it’ll be about a 20 minute wait during peak lunch hours.


Main course meals:

Beef tenderloin

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If you see the words “beef tenderloin” on your menu…order it. It will by far be the best steak of your life. Choose a nice restaurant to dress up, sip on some house wine, and enjoy the best meat you’ve ever tasted. All Inclusive resorts know how to cook meat. You can also choose a romantic dinner on the beach to experience an even higher level of luxurious food. Set that up with your concierge upon arrival at your resort.*

*additional rates do apply


Restaurant genres

Asian cuisine

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If your resort offers a restaurant with Asian cuisine, you should most definitely go! Some resorts host special Hibachi restaurants that usually require a reservation. But the experience is totally worth the planning. At Sushi cafes in the U.S. there’s never enough sushi. Good thing there’s unlimited food at your All Inclusive so you can have as much sushi as your heart desires.



Ice Cream

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If you order ice cream and it looks like a hushpuppy, don’t worry, it’s ice cream. But better. In Mexico, when you order ice cream, sometimes they’ll fry it. So it’s crispy on the outside and cold on the inside. The ice cream at All Inclusive resorts is unreal. It usually comes in small portions though, especially through room service, so plan accordingly if you have a large craving for ice cream late at night.

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Also, if you’re celebrating a special occasion, mention it to your waiter and sometimes they’ll treat you with a little smorgasbord of different desserts, including ice cream!