8 Fruity Cocktails That’ll Transport You Straight to the Beach

I don’t know about you, but when I return home from the beach, I go through an intense vacation hangover.

Right when I step foot into land-locked Arkansas (my home), I can’t help but to torment myself with thoughts like, “Wow, three days ago I was sitting on the beach drinking a mojito” or “If I could just rewind 48 hours, I’d be getting a massage at the spa” — it’s cruel and miserable.

But, since I’m a grown woman who has an eight to five job and a laundry list of responsibilities, I can’t afford to dwell in my lack-of-beach-induced misery for longer than a week.

So, in order to transport my mind to a sandy landscape, I mix up a few of these delicious, fruity cocktails.

8 Fruity Cocktails That’ll Transport You Straight to the Beach:

1. Welcome to the Jungle


2. Blue Hawaii


3. Tropical Stranger


4. Pina Colada 


5. Mango and Passionfruit Mojito


6. Paradise Cocktail


7. Miami Vice


8. Watermelon and Vodka Cocktail


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