9 Travel Habits You Should Develop Immediately

In my experience, developing a solid set of travel habits (aka getting good at traveling) takes a long time.


What I mean by this is — you have to travel a lot and you have to fail at traveling a lot.

For example, it took me like 10 years consistent travel to learn that packing snacks in your carry-on can get you pulled aside at TSA. Unless they’re in a baggie and pulled out like your liquids, the TSA professionals are going to think you’re trying to get away with something.

But at least my mistake has helped you gain knowledge — that is, if you didn’t already know that.


So, aside from the snack thing, these are the nine travel habits that I have found to be the most vital.

9 Travel Habits You Should Develop Immediately:

1. Make a travel checklist.

If you make a list and actually stick to it, you’re travel prep will be way less hectic.

2. Pack ahead of time.

If you start packing slowly in the weeks leading up to your trip, you can add things to your bag as you think of them. This means, you’re less likely to forget something and less likely to over pack.

Plus, packing in a hurry is the actual worst.

3. Make copies of important documents. 

You should always leave photocopies of your passport, ID, itinerary and insurance with your loved ones at home. This way, if you lose something, someone can send you copies.

4. Ask your friends for travel advice.

If you have friends that have vacationed in the destination you’re going, you should ask them for advice. Since they know you and your destination, they should be able to suggest activities that will enhance your vacation even further.

5. Keep a water bottle with you.

I don’t know about you, but traveling always dries me out. And, I hate buying bottles of water because they’re both expensive and bad for the environment.

All that to say — having a reusable water bottle with you is always wise.

6. Keep a portable charger with you.

The perks of this are obvious, but — it’s always wise to have a portable power source with you when you travel.

Not only do we use our phones for taking pictures, getting directions and keeping up with our loved ones, but we often keep important travel documents and emails on them.

7. Keep your money hidden.

Please don’t flash your money around.

8. Download your map app, so you can use it offline.

If you have Google Maps, you can download maps of the area you’re in. This way, if you’re without Wifi or cell service, you can still get directions.

9. Learn to pack light

This will make your life so much easier.

So, ready to try out your new travel habits? We can help!

Image Source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash