5 Go-To Hair Products For Every Hair Type

These days, it seems like there’s a new “must-have” hair product released every week. Right when you think you’re following the best routine, you’re told there’s a better option.

Add in the fact that there are TONS of different hair styles and textures, and the effort to take care of your hair can just get overwhelming.

Have no fear, ladies. We’ve compiled a short guide for choosing the best products to use based on what type of hair you have!

5 Go-To Hair Products For Every Hair Type:

Fine and Straight

Goal: to create volume without adding weight.

Best products to achieve this? Thickening shampoo and conditioner, as well as dry shampoo.

Thick and Straight

Goal: to avoid dullness and maintain shine.

Best products to achieve this? Styling oils and shine sprays.

Kinky and Coiled

Goal: eliminate frizz and lock in moisture.

Best products to achieve this? Leave-in conditioner and styling oils.


Goal: to enhance waves and avoid frizz.

Best products to achieve this? Styling cream and a wave enhancer.


Goal: to control curls and and reduce tangling.

Best products to achieve this? Sulfate-free shampoo and a rich conditioner.

We hope this helped! Taking care of your locks is important, no matter what it looks like naturally.

It’s also very important to keep up your care routine while on vacation, particularly a beach trip. Of course, you’ll want to pack light, but the over-exposure to sun and heat can cause serious damage to those hairs.

You will thank yourself later!

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