Honeymoon Help From the Experts

Dearest honeymooners,

Has wedding planning put you over the edge yet? Planning a wedding is enough to make anyone want to get out of town as quickly as possible.

Yes, planning the happiest day of your life so far is so much fun. But there comes a point when you either care way too much about every little detail, or you just have zero capacity left to make one more decision about flower arrangements or napkin color pallets. Sometimes the finish line seems far out of reach.

Have your uncle’s jokes about eloping started to sound pretty alluring right about now?

Don’t let the detail-police steal you from the joy that comes with planning the even better part of wedding season:
The completely unjustified vacation for doing absolutely nothing (some would say).

Here at BlueSun Vacations, we believe:

  1. You not only DESERVE a vacation with your new honey but,
  2. You shouldn’t have to stress over vacation plans.

Like we’ve said, being beach vacation experts is our thing here. So we’ve done a little interviewing around the office to ask our BeachMasters all about


Where to Honeymoon
Insider tips for Honeymoon-Hunters:

Honeymoon Junkies


Meet BeachMaster Blake, who was more than ready to chill and soak up every aspect of the All Inclusive lifestyle with his new wife.

Where did you honeymoon? Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya, Mexico 

What were you & your wife looking for in a honeymoon? We wanted something chill, quiet, & peaceful. Secrets Akumal is a big resort but it wasn’t crowded at all. From the beach to the pools, it was so serene, we felt like we were in paradise.

What was your favorite aspect of the trip? The atmosphere at night is really cool. With lit tiki torches there’s entertainment enough just walking around the resort. And the service at Secrets Akumal is top notch.

Insider tips for newlyweds honeymoon-hunting? Remember that your resort comes first! It’s more about where you will be staying than the destination  itself. Trust me, you will want to invest in your resort over the destination. I would say shoot for an Adults Only resort. (Side note: All Secrets resorts have complementary Honeymoon packages.)



Honeymoon Veterans


Meet BeachGroomer Heather, the honeymoon expert with a solid 8 years of marriage under her belt. She’s taken many trips through Apple Vacations but here’s why she would brag on her honeymoon resort:

Where did you honeymoon? Couples Swept Away Negril, Jamaica

What did you love your resort? It was so quaint, I felt like I could really focus on Ben & got intentional time together. Plus it was absolutely lush & beautiful everywhere so it was easy to feel romantic. And the staff was entertaining and superbly attentive.

Would you do it differently if you could go back in time? I was so tired after the wedding so we just relaxed and never left the resort. Although Couples Swept Away was a fantastic place to do just that, if I could go back I would take advantage of all the wonderful excursions Jamaica has to offer – like these right here.

Insider tips for newlyweds honeymoon-hunting? My honeymoon was a complete surprise. The covert word used for it was “Wichita” and all I knew was to pack my bathing suit. So make sure to let your honey know your expectations for what you’re looking for in a a honeymoon. Fortunately for me, my then-fiance-now-husband had a great travel agent (now CEO of BlueSun Vacations) and he matched us perfectly. Needless to say “Wichita” knocked it out of the park and raised the bar for all future all inclusive beach trips!


honeymoon hammock
Can you get more romantic than a personal hammock surrounded by the tropics?
Honeymoon Adventurers


Here’s former BeachMaster Chris, the honeymoon adventurer who wanted to embrace everything & anything adventurous and unique. Here’s why he chose his destination for his honeymoon:

Where did you honeymoon? Dreams Las Mareas Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Why did you choose this destination? I wanted something unique & Costa Rica has all things unique from the tropical rain forests to the excursions. For more unique reasons to visit Costa Rica, read this.

What was your favorite aspect of your resort? I loved the cabanas around the pool areas. You can have fun in the sun and then chill under the beautiful shade.

Insider tips for newlyweds honeymoon-hunting? Pick a resort with swim-out rooms to the pools. There’s nothing better than your own personal entrance to the pool every morning you wake up. P.S. Make sure to bring water shoes if you’re going to adventure.






Claire (1)Meet BeachGroomer Claire. She’s engaged and searching for the best possible resort & destination to vacation away with her fiance.

What options are you considering for your honeymoon? We’ve considered everything under the sun. From Jamaica to Puerto Vallarta.

What are you looking for in a honeymoon? We are looking to rest! We don’t want to be stressed about worrying, “What should we do today?” We want to go somewhere with options, from classy poolside relaxation to hammocking off the beach under the shade. We want the relaxing part to be the best part of the trip.

What have you learned in the honeymoon-hunting process? That every resort is different because people are different, so it’s important to communicate with your fiance about what you both want for your honeymoon.

Tips for other honeymoon-hunters? Everyone has a different opinion, from your mom to your next door neighbor. The best part about talking to BeachMasters, is they will give you their honest feedback on what is best for you. There’s no pushed agenda.

So my advice? Let the experts step in. I trust my BeachMasters because the likelihood of being disappointed with false expectations when you talk to an expert rather than researching resorts on your own, is pretty slim.

Honeymoon picsWe’re so excited to see where you choose to honeymoon.
It doesn’t matter if you know exactly what you want or you need a little inspiration & direction.
That’s why we’re here.
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