How Can My BeachMaster Help Me Now?

Now that you’ve booked your All Inclusive vacation and are all set to embark on your tropical getaway, you may be wondering — “How can my BeachMaster help me now?”

Well, even though most of your trip’s logistics have been taken care of, there are a lot of ways your BeachMaster can help further enhance your vacation. Whether you’re looking to book an excursion, have a special request for your resort room or are simply looking for some advice on the best restaurants, your personal BeachMaster is there for you every step of the way.

So, let’s get started on answering some questions you may already be asking.

How Can My BeachMaster Help Me Now?:

“What is your cancellation policy?”

We always recommend purchasing Travel Insurance/Security plan at the time of booking to protect you in the event you need to cancel your beach vacation.

If you don’t have a Security plan, any money you put down on your trip could be nonrefundable. You are also subject to cancellation fees from the airlines and hotels. If you are considering cancelling your trip, contact your BeachMaster to get specifics associated with your trip’s cancellation policy.

“Can I pay my balance online?”

No, you cannot. In order to pay your balance, call your personal BeachMaster and they will take care of it for you plus if you use the same credit card as your deposit, it will only take a few minutes.

“Can I extend my stay while in-destination.”

If your resort has availability, there’s a high chance they will allow you to extend your stay. Just keep in mind there may be a re-ticketing fee when rescheduling your flight back home. 

“How early should I arrive at the airport when leaving for my vacation?”

We recommend you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight departs. 

“When do I get my boarding passes?”

Many airlines allow you to check in 24 hours before your departure date, but if your travel documents say “charter” or “exclusive vacation” flight you will NOT check in ahead of time. You can also get boarding passes the day of at the airline’s departure desk.

“Is baggage included in my package?”

A lot of airlines have moved away from including baggage in their ticket cost and the rules are subject to change frequently. Google your airline’s baggage policies to find out how to plan your packing.

“Can we get seats together on the plane?”

While each airline has different seating policies, some airlines will allow you to pick your seats at no charge. This is usually available within 24 to 48 hours after booking your trip. 

“What if I have issues while I’m at the resort?”

Lucky for you, most of the resorts have an in-destination representative who will take care of any issue you may experience. And, don’t forget, your BeachMaster is only one call, email or text away.

“I would rather have a king size bed. How do I go about requesting this?”

Make sure to inform your BeachMaster as early as possible if you have specific bedding requests. While they are not guaranteed by many resorts, your BeachMaster will make your desires known.

“Can you put in for room upgrade?”

Yes. While these upgrades typically require additional payment, they are for request based on availability.

“Can we get adjoining rooms?”

Yes, these are available upon request. In order to have them guaranteed, there is usually a small holding fee.

“Where and when should I book excursions?”

When it comes to booking excursions, you will want to do this through your BeachMaster prior to your trip. Call them to ensure you get to do what you want to do, but as a back-up you can plan in-destination with the AmStar rep. 

If you want to checkout your options beforehand, visit

“Can I make spa and dinner reservations ahead of time.”

Yes, you can. While not all resorts have dinner reservations, the ones that do will accept your reservations beforehand. As far as spa reservations go, call your resort’s spa and they will walk you through the booking process.  

“What times are the restaurants open?”

Each resort and restaurant is different. In order to check the specific times your resort’s restaurants are open, either check with your BeachMaster prior to your trip or ask a concierge once you arrive. 

“Do the restaurants have dress codes?”

In short, yes. For some of the specialty restaurants, men are required to wear long pants, close-toed shoes and a nicer shirt, and women should plan on wearing something like a sundress or nice blouse and pants. You can contact your BeachMaster for additional details if you desire.

“Can I use my cellphone at the resort?”

Before leaving for your trip, check with your service provider to see if you have any international capabilities. Most resorts have wifi, so we suggest you turn your phone on airplane mode and use either iMessage or apps like WhatsApp to communicate with friends and family back at home. 

“Should I attend the Vacation Club (time share) meetings?”

Unless you’re willing to sacrifice two or three hours of your vacation for not much benefit, we suggest you avoid these meetings. They may sound glamorous, but are typically not worth the time.