How To Beach

Maybe the best question to ask yourself when your trip approaches is: How do I beach?

In the midst of remembering all your travel documents, it can be hard to think through a relaxing beach day. What will you want to do? What should you bring?

From all of our beach experts, we’ve gathered the perfect tools so your beach experience can go the way you want it to.

“How To Beach”: Tips from your BeachMasters

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Jon’s Tip: Relax


Jon’s beach stay in 3 words: Relax. Read. Drink.
Never beach without: Books. Music. Sunglasses.
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Maroma

Honestly, this is the #1 tip for “How To Beach” at your resort. If one day you decide to sleep in til noon, hit the beach, and fall asleep under your beach cabana, and then go back to your room for another afternoon nap…no shame. Or go on a catamaran ride like Jon & some of our other BeachMasters did and float in the ocean! Remember this is your vacation and we encourage you rest up before you come back to normal life. Don’t be afraid to be lazy! That’s what the beach is there for. Bring that best-seller you’ve been neglecting for months and make sure to bring headphones to make your beach snoozing more entertaining.


Matt’s Tip: Bring beach accessories


Matt’s beach stay in 3 words: Beach hair. Everyday.
Never beaches without:
My board shorts.
Favorite beach escape:
Secrets the Vine

Embrace all that is “beachy” while going to your resort. Bring your favorite board shorts or swim suits. You honestly will only want to wear your favorites. If you struggle with S.H.S. (straight hair syndrome) and want that salty-beach-wave look, go to any convenience store for Sea Salt hair spray to get that beach-wave hair looking on point. Don’t forget to bring a beach hat or baseball cap, for stylish purposes. And sunglasses. Always bring sunglasses.

Heather’s Tip: Stay active


Heather’s beach stay in 3 words: GTP (Gym, Tan, Play)
Never beach without: Tennis shoes
Favorite beach escape: Couples Swept Away

If you’re a rare breed like Heather, you may hit the beach and realize laying on a beach chair all day is not your thing. And that’s perfectly okay! Bring your tennis shoes and hit the sand for a
morning beach run. Your calves will look amazing. Or experience the resort’s gym– open morning til a little after dinner time– to keep that beach bod looking toned.


Jeff’s Tip: Have fun

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Jeff’s beach stay in 3 words:  salty, sandy adventure.
Never beach without: a frisbee.
Favorite beach escape: Now Sapphire

Two words – beach volleyball. No matter if there’s a planned resort activity or not, there are always people ready to play. Bring a football or frisbee and be entertained on the beach for hours. There’s always people around who are ready to get their game on.

Mary’s Tip: Protect your skin



Mary’s beach stay in 3 words: Water, sun, seafood.
Never beach without: chapstick & sunscreen
Favorite beach escape: Zoetry Villa Rolandi

Sunburns are the worst. But it’s even worse when your lips get chapped and burnt. We suggest bringing little essentials like chapstick, lots of sunscreen, and aloe vera. Even though you can only fly with 3 oz. of liquid, there are ways to get creative and fit it all into a quart sized bag. Purchase travel containers from any convenience store or buy sunscreen that meets TSA requirements.

Claire’s Tip: Drink up

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Claire’s beach stay in 3 words: Drinking Mango Tango’s
Never beach without: headphones & a thirst for the beach
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Akumal

With unlimited beverages all day, why wouldn’t you take advantage of lounging all day with a fruity beverage? Alcoholic or not, unlimited drinks are available to you at any bar or restaurant. Plus, you can just lounge on the beach and your resort staff will walk around asking for drink orders. Start off with a morning mimosa. Sip on an afternoon “Mango Tango” or enjoy a Pina Colada. Lastly, get pumped for dinner with a soda or Jack & Coke. The options are endless. So take advantage of beach service and ask your BeachMaster about their favorite drink.

AB’s Tip: Capture Adventure


AB’s beach stay in 3 words: Try something new.
Never beach without: A phone or camera
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

Whether it’s the day-to-day lounging on the beach or adventuring underwater with sea turtles, you’ll want to have memories to capture your vacation. Read our blog post “10 Tips for Taking Great Vacation Photos” to learn all the techniques you need to capture your beach adventures.