How to Become Friends with the Staff at Your All Inclusive Resort

One reason people choose to travel overseas for vacation — aside from seeing a new place — is the culture and the people.

Even when I’m visiting an All Inclusive property, one of my favorite things is getting to know the staff. Not only do they know the resort better than anyone, but they can give you advice on the best excursions, local restaurants, shopping, etc.

And, besides all that, they’re usually some of the kindest, most interesting people I’ve ever met.

How to Become Friends with the Staff at Your All Inclusive Resort:

Make simple conversation

Anyone who has worked in a position of service for any period of time knows first-hand how challenging serving others can be.

Each day you will probably have multiple interactions with the locals. They may drive you to your resort, wait on you at a restaurant or bring you a drink on the beach. Each person has a story. Make it a point to find out theirs, even if you only have two minutes to talk!

I have found that the staff are really friendly and open to conversation at beach resorts and it provides a unique opportunity to hear about daily life in their culture. You will make their day just by showing interest. Simple, open-ended questions go a long way.

Be understanding 

Staying at an All Inclusive is amazing for multiple reasons — all-you-can-eat dining, an amazing beach location and being waited on at all hours of the day. Who can complain? Know that your local staff is trying their best to fulfill your requests in a timely fashion.

With that, seek to have understanding if something isn’t right or not how you requested it. A guest with a simple, understanding response to this type of interaction makes it less stressful for the entire staff and almost always has their requests taken care of appropriately if a mistake is made.

Speak their language, if possible

I have been fortunate to have several travel experiences in different countries. One thing I hear time and again is the importance of speaking the local’s language — if at all possible.

I know this may be stretch for a lot of us, but you will find that when you try to engage with a local in his/her mother tongue you really are creating a unique opportunity.

You may be thinking, “I don’t want to make a fool of myself with my sole 8th grade experience of Spanish (now 10+ years gone).” To that I say, go for it! Make a fool of yourself! They will get a kick out of it and you will have fun trying!

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