How to Find Relaxation at Your Resort

For all you busybodies out there, this one’s for you.

Sometimes, resting is the hardest discipline to conjure – whether it’s taking moments to stop & breathe, resisting phone notifications that cease to pop-up, or trying to squeeze in too many social outings in one weekend. The same is true during your vacation. Activities are great – especially when you have an active 4-year old ready to take on the world.

But what about taking vacation for vacations’ sake? Your rest matters to us at BlueSun Vacations so we’re here to tell you how you can find ultimate rest & relaxation at a resort full of options & temptations to fill your day with tiring but fun activities.


How to find relaxation at your resort
Featuring Couples Tower Isle

1. Enjoy the beauty around you



Resorts with a view, especially a tropical natural view, are definitely worth looking into. Hint hint, Jamaica. At resorts like Couples Tower Isle, there is literally nature right outside your doorstep (don’t worry, they’re tame).

Other resorts with tropical beauty: Secrets Akumal, Riviera Maya; Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica; Zoetry Agua Punta Cana.



2. Take time to enjoy your meals

On a honeymoon, it can be hard to be motivated to wake up before noon (been there, done that). But at most resorts, breakfast food is limited to specific hours of the day. So if you’re craving a mocha, bacon & eggs, and a croissant, you’ll want to order it before 11am most likely. Here’s where the beauty of room service comes in – at most resorts, room service is included which means you can sip on that hot cocoa with a biscuit and strawberry jam chilling in a robe on your balcony. So wake up for breakfast people! Breakfast is always the best meal of the day.



3. Take relaxing excursions

You don’t have to avoid adventure to feel relaxed. At Couples Tower Isle, they include excursions which is not usually the case at most All Inclusive resorts. Take a catamaran ride off the Jamaican coast, visit the famous Dunn’s River Falls, take a shopping excursion, chill on a booze cruise, or take a relaxing ride on a glass-bottomed boat. Excursions don’t always have to be exhausting. Ask your BeachMaster about low-key excursions they’ve taken on their vacations.



4. Utilize your beach and/or pool service

This is maybe one of the best aspects about an All Inclusive resort. Not only do you feel like you’re in paradise, but as you lounge by the infinity pools, jacuzzis, or along the beach, your resort staff will walk around asking for drink orders. You can have access to almost any drink you desire without having to move an inch from your chair.* Not to mention, your resort staff is amazingly sweet – take some time to ask them their name & a little bit about who they are.

Our favorite drinks to order at resorts: Mango Tango, Pina Colada, Jack & Coke, Margarita on the rocks, Apple Martini

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*Remember, not every All Inclusive is the same, if this is important to you, make sure to check with your BeachMaster before booking. 


5. Invest in the spa – for obvious reasons

Okay, here’s where the fun kicks in for you spa connoisseurs. At most resorts, the spa is not included. However, this will most definitely top off your vacation on a relaxing note without a doubt.

Something amazing on the horizon that we’d like to share coming to Couples Tower Isle:



Introducing Oasis Spa Villas

These villas include private garden views, a terrace, and personal plunge pool.
Enjoy private dinners in your villa & a your own personal spa concierge who is on stand-by at all times.
You’ll experience a custom itinerary made by your concierge. 

This truly takes paradise to the next level. 

spa-oasis-1 spa-oasis-2
spa-oasis-4 spa-oasis-5


Looking for a romantic getaway to literally get-away? We suggest checking out Couples Tower Isle for sure. Or any of the Couples Resorts in Jamaica. 

Need other suggestions? Give us a call or chat with us!