How to Actually Pack Light for Vacation

If you’re anything like me, you find it easy and almost soothing to pack your bags for vacation.


If you’re anything like me, you find it hard and nightmarish to pack your bags for vacation.


But, why is that?

Well, in my opinion it’s because everything always starts out fine and dandy, and then out of nowhere, your bag is SUDDENLY EXPLODING.

Like, no matter how carefully you curate your clothes, shoes, accessories and toiletries, the items immediately multiply and expand once you place them inside a bag.

So, let’s learn how to pack light together — shall we?

How to Actually Pack Light for Vacation:

1. Make a checklist.

This seems wildly obvious, but if you ~actually~ stick to the list you make, packing will be so much easier.

2. Abide by the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule.

This is super easy, and will stop you from packing 20 t-shirts and only one pair of pants.


3. Stick with neutrals.

A general rule of thumb for packing light is selecting neutral shades.

Yes, it’s okay to pack a few statement pieces, but it’s wise to stick with basic colors, so you have an easier time mixing and matching.

4. Roll your clothes.

You’ll be surprised how much room you’ll save if you roll your clothing instead of laying it out flat. And, bonus, it’s keep your clothes wrinkle-free.


5. Pack ahead of time.

This seems obvious, but if you pack at least one day prior to your departure, you’ll be much less likely to over pack.

6. Stuff your shoes.

This technique definitely won’t work for all your clothes, but it’s a great way to get a few items put away.


7. Wear your heavy items onto the plane. 

This will make your suitcase lighter and easier to carry.

8. Use a hard cover suitcase.

I know it may seem like a more stringent suitcase would make packing harder — but trust me on this one.

A hard cover suitcase helps compress your items, and keeps them from wrinkling. It also makes it easier to pack smart and light.

So, ready to head out on your next adventure? We can help!

Image Source: Instagram, Pinterest