How to Prevent Bloating While Traveling

I don’t know about you, but when I’m travel, I constantly feel like crap — pardon my French.

From the food, to the alcohol, to the lack of movement, my stomach is constantly bloated and irritated. But apparently, life doesn’t have to be like that.

Below are some tips for how to not feel like crap while traveling. You’re welcome.

How to Prevent Bloating While Traveling:

1. Take digestive enzymes

Enzymes lower the amount of energy needed for chemical reactions in our body, so they are extremely beneficial for taking stress off of your GI tract. Less GI stress means you won’t experience digestive issues such as bloating, acid reflux and constipation.

These are especially helpful in digesting gluten and lactose, so they’re perfect for those indulgent meals you’ll have while traveling.


2. Fast on your flight

Though those in-flight peanuts are oh-so tempting, your body will thank you for fasting on your flight.

Being suspended in the air forces your body to work extra hard to digest — leading to bloating, constipation and IBS flare-ups. Being disconnected from Earth disrupts our Vata (air and space energy), making our insides cold, dry and airy — not the ideal atmosphere for digestion.

So while you’re in the air, drink lots of water and herbal tea. Then, treat yourself to a good meal once you land in destination.


3. Drink tea (and water)

The combination of herbs and warm water are perfect for digestive health. While the warm water helps breakdown food, herbs sooth your stomach and combat bloating.

For bloating, try mint, fennel, rosemary, chamomile and lavender teas. To treat indigestion, try ginger or licorice root.


4. Stick to your normal routine

…well, somewhat.

When you deviate from your normal routine, your body goes into overdrive, therefore putting strain on your digestive system. So, if you even make small efforts to stick to your normal diet, your body will thank you.

There is obviously room for indulgence during vacation, but being mindful of how changes in diet affect your body will help you stay feeling healthy.


5. Stay active

Even if this looks like a daily 10 minute walk, a little bit of movement and activity will majorly benefit your digestive system.

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