How to Travel in Style for Men & Women

Traveling in style can feel impossible. It can be hard to strike a happy medium between comfortable and classy. When we hear “style” we think expensive, uncomfortable, and frivolous. But that doesn’t have to be the case! After sending thousands of people to the beach, we’ve learned a thing or two about traveling in style. It can be accessible and fun!

Here are some easy ways to travel in style– both with the clothes on your back, and the things in your bag.

How To Travel In Style


1. Document your day

First things first, document beautiful moments. Your vacation is full of them– from the food on your plate to balcony views that leave you speechless. Take pictures to remind yourself what it was like to breathe clean salty air with white-powder sand underfoot.


Tapas style lunch featuring salmon tartare & Vietnamese shrimp rolls 🍤🥑

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2. Accessories matter


The right accessories can make or break an outfit, but they don’t have to break the bank.

Guys, a neutral or subtle pattern on swim trunks paired with great sunglasses, topped off with a sweet flat bill hat makes for a fashionable and comfortable day on the beach.



Remember to always pack a smaller bag, a backpack or shoulder bag, for ease of carrying personal items on and off resort property. Pack a bag you love, a bag that makes you feel like a well equipped traveler.



3. Try daring a new outfit 

'90s vibes tonight.

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How often do you go an entire day without seeing someone you know in public? Besides the people you bring with you, nobody will know you at your destination. Use that to your advantage! Experiment, wear clothes that make you feel good, alive, and fresh. Wear things you’d never wear at home, this is your chance!


4. Take a book

Who hasn’t said “I’d like to read more, I just don’t have the time”? Reading on the beach is fun. It makes you feel timeless and classy. And on vacation, you actually have the time! Pack a book you’ve been dying to read and give it a couple hours each day, on the beach.




5. Try new drinks

It’s all-included, that’s the point of an All Inclusive! So take your sweet tooth to the test, and try all the fancy drinks you can’t remember the name of! We suggest giving the Mango Tango a try (pictured below)! It’s a strawberry daiquiri with mango!


6. Beach shoes can be cool

Don’t settle for cheap, rubber flip flops, your feet deserve better! Try some sandals that are easy on the wallet & the eyes, invest in some durable outdoorsy sandals, or sturdy flip flops.


7. Embrace beach selfies 

Someone in the family usually gives a groan when the camera comes out. But it’s worth it people. Take pictures of yourselves having the time of your life, you will not regret it.


Missing my tan right about now… Oh, and Iberostar Grand.

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