I Never Win Anything

“I never win anything.”

Lots of people say that. And lots of them are right. But our thought is: somebody has to win, right?


Yes. Somebody has to win. Somebody will win. And you could be that somebody.

If you have been on a vacation with BlueSun Vacations (formerly MrBeaches)keep reading because you could be on the beach again very soon, our treat. At BSV, we love people, we love beaches, and we love giving people free things.


Like this: A trip to Secrets Silversands Riviera Maya, Mexico!


Want to go to Secrets?


We want you to go too. (click here to read why)


We’ve created a contest with 4 easy steps.


First, you’re going to need an Instagram.

If you don’t know what that is, grab the nearest millennial. Once you have an Instagram account dig around and find your favorite picture taken during your past trip with us.



Now go find us “@bluesunvacations” and follow us.


That way we can tell you about more contests in the future.

While your millennial is near, better ask them about hashtags.

“#” is not the pound.

“#” is the hashtag.

Look at the date.


If the current date falls within July 5-12 you’re on track.


It’s time. Take your knowledge– new or seasoned–of the hashtag and use it. Remember to thank your millennial and promise them a postcard from the beach.

Now, post your favorite picture from your previous beach vacation…





Make sure and put the hashtag#myBLUEescape” in the caption and add one of your favorite memories from your vacay. (official contest directions)


Post as many pictures as you want. Seriously. Go to town!

When you win, you lucky someone, sit down and relax. Know that the beach is near. You’re going to Secrets Silversands.

And if you don’t win, just because we love you and we relate to the “I never win anything” thing…

Every entry will receive a $200 voucher off their next booked vacation.
Everybody wins.

Legal stuff/rules, if you’re into that: http://bit.ly/28RLPJP