Inside Scoop on this Modern Jamaican Family Resort

We interviewed BeachMaster Maliah about her trip to Jamaica upon her return from visiting one of the top family-friendly resorts, Azul Sensatori.

Here’s the inside scoop:

Have you ever traveled to this destination before?

This was my first time visiting Jamaica!

What was the purpose of the trip?

To explore the destination. I went on a “FAM” trip which all our BeachMasters do a few times a year to get familiarized with the destinations we offer our guests.

Sum up your trip in 3 adjectives or words –

Gorgeous. Chill. Tropical.

If you want one of the most cultural experiences on an island, visit Jamaica. Whether you’re there to fill your time with excursions or just to relax, you’ll be on island time. So “don’t worry ’bout a thing cause everything little thing, is gonna be alright”.

What resorts did you visit on your trip?

Azul Sensatori Negril & Riu Club Negril

How would you rate your reaction to the resorts, overall?

5/5 for sure!

Where did you stay and was it your favorite resort?

I stayed at Azul Sensatori Negril, it was definitely my favorite. Tucked along the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach, this resort blew my mind. From the modern/contemporary rooms to the food. Each and every view took my breath away as all of the rooms face the Caribbean Sea.

What type of person or trip would you recommend for this resort?

I would definitely say that this family-friendly resort is perfect for anyone (or any family) that wants to spend quality time together. It’s not too lively, yet the nightly entertainment is wonderful!
My personality is chill but also I’m a social butterfly so appreciate sophistication. This resort definitely met my expectations.
Favorite picture from the trip: 
The best meal or drink you had on the trip?
The best meal(s) I had were this shrimp and goat cheese risotto dish followed by a berry tart with fresh cream — Oh my gosh, unreal. They were both so delicious, I can’t choose.
And the best drink is definitely a Red Stripe. When in Jamaica, you can’t leave without drinking one on the beach.
What resort surprised you the most?
Azul Sensatori.
When you decide to go on your next vacation, would you vacation at any of the resorts you visited?
I would most definitely go back to Azul Sensatori! I loved the people! We got to know everyone of the staff that worked near our building so we were definitely treated like VIP! All you have to do is speak to them and they’ll treat you like you’ve known them forever.
What influences your decision the most when choosing a resort? And what do you prioritize when on vacation? 
Quality. Resort Aesthetics. Azul Sensatori definitely knocked both of those out of the park.
Anything you’d change about your experience? 
The only thing I’d change from our perfect trip, is that I wish there would’ve been a few more things for us to do during the day. My 13-year-old daughter was perfectly content at the beach and the pools, but I do wish we wouldn’t ve had a few more activities to do to occupy some of our downtown. If we had had more time, an excursion off property would have been absolutely perfect.
That’s the beauty of Jamaica, there are so many amazing excursions and places to visit.
Anything else you’d like to add about your trip for your guests traveling to this resort or destination in the future?
Jamaica…once you go, you know!

Let’s talk a Jamaican beach trip! Give Maliah a call and she’ll handle all your travel plans.