7 Kid-Friendly Things to Do At Your Resort

When hearing the words “kid-friendly”, it makes both couples and parents cringe. As a couple, you want to escape from all humanity. I’m not a parent, but as a former babysitter I know good and well that any parent doesn’t want to go on vacation to fight more crowds, deal with meltdowns, or feel forced to engage in cheesy activities. Honestly, no one wants to “have to” do anything on vacation.

So we’ll stop you right there.

When we say “kid-friendly” we really mean everybody-friendly, because your resort can please everyone from 5-year old Ethan to Grandpa “Dadger”.


If you are truly interested in how your kid(s) can feel entertained, included, and taken-care-of at your resort, here’s 7 simple places to start.

7 Kid-Friendly Things to Do At Your Resort 

1.  Beach



Whether you’re down to play volleyball or entertained with the sand between your toes, the beach is for everyone. (And if not then the pool is where it’s at for you). Try out Punta Cana for your next family vacation and experience some of the smoothest, most golden beaches in the world.

2. Swim-up bar

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Don’t get turned off by the word “bar” because at family-friendly resorts, the resort staff loves kids. Plus, you can get super creative with fruit “smoothies” aka non-alcoholic daiquiris and blended drinks. One of our favorite kid-approved drinks is a banana “milkshake” (bananas, milk and ice).

3. Pool

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Here are two different types of pools: the first is more shallow similar to a kiddy pool and the second is super interactive with a little putt putt course hovering over the pool both at Now Onyx. Especially at family-friendly resorts, the pool can be a saving grace for the entire family. To see how one of our BeachMaster’s families did their daily routine at a family-friendly resort, click here.

4. Activities



If your family needs things to do, never fear. This is what the Entertainment Staff at your resort are there for. Did you know at most every resort we travel to, that most non-motorized sports are included? From kayaking, snorkeling, sometimes sailing and scuba diving is all included or they free lessons are provided on resort property.

5.  Buffet

We d🍩nut want to leave.

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Stay happy not hangry with unlimited food and drinks. Check out your resort’s cafe usually open from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. with late night bite options from 11 p.m. – 6 a.m. or see if your resort has 24 hour room service. Some of our healthiest BeachMasters let their kiddos have an ice cream cone or two throughout the day. It’s vacation and you only live once.

6. Excursions

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Whether it’s your kids dream to live “Wild Kratts” in real-life or be like “Indiana Jones” you will make your kids’ dream come true when you tell them they can adventure in another country. There are great excursion options that will entertain your kids, tweens, teens, or young adults. Check out the Mayan Ruins or visit one of the Seven Wonders of the world “Chichen Itza” when you stay at one of our resorts in Mexico. Zipline through the tropics of Jamaica, ride a horse in the ocean or along the beach, or really step it up with a rollercoaster-like Bobsled Ride. (See more excursions in Jamaica here)

7. Clubs

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These clubs range from the Explorer’s Club (for kids around 3 -12) to the Core Zone Teens Club (13-17). The staff is all certified and trained to create a safe and fun environment for that needed afternoon massage or the date night out with your spouse. We’ve met the staff at many resorts and they truly make it fun.

What are some of your family’s favorite activities? If you’re interested in other family-friendly resorts, here’s some of our favorite resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean