Why You Should Leave Planning to the Experts

In moments of inspiration we suddenly think–

“Hey! I can do that myself.” 

We’ve all been there.

We see pretty, walled shelves that we know would look unbelievable in our living rooms. Or suddenly we’re planning a road trip to the mountains because we watched a movie about discovering oneself. Or classically watching our fifth music video, trying out new tricks & moves.

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This is what we like to call the “Do-It-Yourself” syndrome.

Eventually we remember why there are experts in the first place.

When your house looks like a construction site, or you get lost in the middle of nowhere, or you break your neck trying to spin on your head.


Thinking you’re the expert

When you’re confidently making how-to hairdo videos & burn your hair off in the process


Wanting to save moola

When you use an old pair of jeans to make jorts & end up disintegrating all the remaining fabric in the process

(Too short. Always too short)


Trying to save time

When you don’t want to wait until a professional can come stain your floor & you end up stranded

“No, you guys go ahead and start eating without me.” – compliments of Buzzfeed.

home fail


Having high expectations

When you try to be Barefoot Contessa but it looks like a chocolate disaster.


Photo cred to: Craft Fail

This is why BeachMasters exist. 

We're getting married!

We’ve seen this time and again. Expectations come with traveling & we want to make those come into actuality, as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Wanting to save time & money, and wanting to meet (or exceed!) your expectations isn’t bad. But you can set yourself up for success.


Here’s why we believe you should leave it to the experts when planning your vacation


Wanting to save time

We’ve seen people waste more time trying to plan their own vacation than they would if an expert was involved.

We’re here to be the middle man. Our guests always say how simple it is to book with us. See for yourself.

Call, text, or email a BeachMaster as your direct contact to save you time & headaches. Plus you get amazing 1-to-1 customer service without those crazy long hold times and elevator music.


Trying to save moola

We aren’t here to jip you. Actually, when you call in, you don’t get charged for our services at all!

We’ll bundle your package and airfare, transfers, make room requests for you (which you’ll get if the resort has them available), and price-match our competitors if you find a better deal out there.




Having high expectations

You can’t always trust pictures. But we know the difference between advertisements & reality. We’ll shoot you straight. Plus, we’ve been there before!

We know a good beach from a bad beach.

For example, want to go to Mexico but hate salt water & sandy feet?

We’ve got ya – Secrets Silversands – where we send our guests with an obsession for infinity pools with unbeatable views.

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We’re not exaggerating when we say that we’re the experts. We love sending our guests to their ideal resort destination.

Let us do the work for you