Let the Beach Cure Your Winter Blues

Winter Blues Got You Down? This past week has been cold, drizzly, and cloudy every single day. The “winter blues” are real folks. Elvis knew it, we all know it.

It can be hard to feel motivated this time of year. Here at BlueSun, we like to celebrate another side of the “blues,” aka the ocean blues.


If you have the case of the winter blues and need a little BlueSun inspiration in your life, we’ve asked a special guest to come help us cure those winter blues.

Here’s 5 Steps to Cure the Winter Blues 
featuring: Buddy the BeachMaster



Step 1: Find the nearest cocktail party (and invite yourself to it)


Nothing cures those winter blues better than a beachy cocktail. Interested in throwing a party of your own? Read up on our favorite beach cocktails and how to make them in your very own home.

Step 2: Find that happy place on the beach


When you’re feeling the winter blues sink in, blare some tropical beach jams in your headphones & picture yourself standing in sand. It’s truly where you belong.

Step 3: Surprise your Secret Santa with a really good gift

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We believe that the best gifts are the ones that fly you to the Caribbean & Mexico. Need some ideas? Your BeachMaster is a great place to start. Or call us and ask about our most popular holiday destinations!

Step 4: Strut your nice-list self


Have you been good this year? Don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve- A trip to the beach.

Step 5: Reach out to your BeachMaster & book that vacation!

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Pushy salespeople are a turnoff. We promise you won’t get that here. Did you know it doesn’t cost anything to use a BeachMaster? Honestly, anyone can make an ad online look ideal. It really helps to talk to an expert, who’s had their feet in the sand at these destinations.  When it comes to something as precious as your vacation, be a little selfish and let the beach cure those winter blues.


Want the beach this Christmas?

Give us a call and see what you and your BeachMaster can come up with together!

You might be surprised what great resorts you can find. 

Comment Below and tell us what destination would cure your winter blues!