How To Make Your Beach Trip Even More Romantic

I don’t know where you lie on the “love language” spectrum, but out of all the love languages,  you’ve got to admit, there’s nothing quite like spending unlimited time with your person. I just recently got married and one of our favorite things to do together is travel. Most of the time, this consists of a quick road trip to see family, but my absolute favorite place to go with my husband is — you guess it — the beach!


It may sound cliche, but I feel like each time we travel to the beach, I feel like we’re more in love and connected than when we left. So, we’re both big fans.

Honestly, the beach can stand alone when it comes to beauty, relaxation and romance. But sometimes it’s those little added perks that make your beach trip more romantic and memorable. I’m here to give you the inside scoop, so you can surprise your travel partner with some added romantic luxury.

How To Make Your Beach Trip Even More Romantic



This is my absolute favorite perk while at an All Inclusive resort. There’s nothing quite like having gourmet breakfast delivered straight to your door, at no extra charge. You can order the night before (or morning of) and wake-up to hot breakfast in the privacy of your own room. Slowly sip on your coffee and enjoy your eggs Benedict and toast on your porch, on a platter in bed or see if they will set a romantic table for you in your room. Room-service for breakfast is the perfect way to start the day together.


Whether you’re an adventure junkie or like to stay low-key active, excursions are also a fun way to spend intentional time together. There’s amazing excursions in the Caribbean and Mexico from catamaran cruises to exploring Mayan ruins. Check out more excursions here.

Photo source (on the right): @feerbonilla



Honestly, on our honeymoon, my husband was a little hesitant about our couples’ massage. But afterwards, it was one of his favorite aspects of our trip! Find out what packages are offered at your resort and see what romantic inclusions they offer.

At some resorts, your couples massage could be located in an enclosed cabana on the beach, which is pretty romantic if you ask me.  



If you’re going somewhere with an amazing beach and you see Bali beds, they are worth reserving! Ask your concierge about reserving one as a surprise for the day. Side note: At most resorts, it is not included, so bring some extra money if you want to reserve a Bali bed.



The beach at night always gives me the romantic feels as I step onto the soft cool sand, with the subtle crash of the waves in the distance and salty air breezing through my hair. Imagine being escorted to a private candlelit cabana, with your own personal waiter bringing your food on a silver platter. From the service and exquisite food to the memories you create, a romantic dinner on the beach is worth the splurge to make your beach trip even more romantic.


You may not think that having your bed “turned down” for you is a must, but it really sets a romantic tone for the rest of your night. It’s so nice to return from your long day at the beach to a bed unfolded and covered in rose petals, a dimly lit room, slippers ready by your bed, champagne bottles at the ready and your Jacuzzi bath drawn for you. At most resorts this is included, and totally worth the request.


Have you booked your beach trip for this year? Give us a call. There’s nothing more romantic than a Valentines day gift to the beach.