Meet One of the Adorable Couples We Just Sent to Mexico!

This is Dale and Tyler. They’re both influencers and photographers from Fayetteville, Arkansas — aka, our hometown!

About a month ago, we sent them on an All Inclusive honeymoon to the stunning El Dorado Maroma Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico — and it was amazing.

From the planning process, to seeing their posts on Instagram, to hearing about their experience through their blog, it’s been amazing to watch them enjoy their first vacation together as a married couple.

The Planning Process

Since Dale and Tyler are from the Fayetteville area (that’s where we reside), we were able to work with them face-to-face while planning their honeymoon getaway — it was so fun! After asking both Dale and Tyler about of what they wanted to see and experience on their trip, we were able to draft a few potential packages.

This is what Tyler had to say about the planning process.

“When Dale and I started working with BlueSun Vacations, we had a vague idea of what we wanted in a honeymoon, but no hard-and-fast locations musts. We only knew we wanted three things:

  1. Adults only (sorry, kids!)
  2. Vegan-friendly
  3. All-inclusive

One of the biggest selling points for us was that BlueSun is not only U.S.-based, but located right down the road from us in Fayetteville … major plus! BlueSun took our preferences, and within a week or so, called us back to their offices for a meeting. They had pre-selected four resorts for us, spanning across Mexico and the Caribbean. They put together a Powerpoint slideshow for us to look at that compared all the different resorts, from what the rooms offered to what the beaches looked like.”

From that point on, we were able to help them narrow down their search until they landed on the luxurious El Dorado Maroma — great choice, guys!

Resort and Staff

One of the reasons we, at BlueSun, love El Dorado Maroma so much is because of their amazing facilities and staff. This brand specifically takes a lot of pride in providing a luxury experience.

This was Dale’s experience at the resort.

“The grounds at El Dorado Maroma is probably the most easily photogenic resort I’ve stayed at.

1) they have great instagrammable spots… like the couples swings just a few feet out in the water.
2) they have a freaking private island! with hammocks!
3) the water is calm and soothing and completely clear.

Also, the size of the resort was not too big, not too small… it was jussssst right. It had a boutique feel but also the ability to wander off for some privacy.”

And now, his opinion of the staff.

“Speaking of staff, it’s my opinion that THIS is what has the best chance of setting resorts apart. The staff here had a few standouts that elevated our experience by about a million percent.”

He said it all — and we 100% agree!


Food is definitely one of the most important elements of any trip of vacation. Not only does it enhance your experience, but it gives you a better sense of the culture you’re visiting.

Dale and Tyler agree. As a vegan couple, food is a huge part of any trip they plan and take. Though the had a couple hiccups at El Dorado Maroma, their overall experience, according to Dale, was good.

“The chefs at El Dorado Maroma were not only accommodating, but inspired. They created some truly BEAUTIFUL dishes for us. A chilaquiles dish from the Peruvian restaurant was my breakfast go-to. We also had some killer vegan sushi, edamame, and miso soup at the Japanese restaurant.”



Though vacation is mostly for relaxing and sitting by the pool — at least, that’s our take on it — sometimes it’s fun to mix things up with a little entertainment. Thankfully, the options at El Dorado Maroma are expansive and diverse.

According to Dale, he and Tyler took advantage of a few of them.

“I volunteered to be an assistant during the magic show (I’ve always been fascinated by magic tricks) and had a blast. It was probably my favorite entertainment of the week. I volunteered to be one of the guacamole makers (obvi I thought my guac was the best lol), and I always hopped on a beach volleyball team. Tyler and I took a salsa dancing class that we LOVED.”

Guacamole is always an automatic “yes”.

The Experience

We always have a blast working with couples to create the ultimate vacation — and Dale and Tyler were no exception. It was amazing to watch our collaboration come to fruition through their Instagram posts and blogs. Long story short — we had as much fun as they did.

And thankfully, both Dale and Tyler had the trip of a lifetime.

“The resort was perfect for what we were looking for. A big part of that goes to our friends at BlueSun vacations who had been there and knew it would exceed all our expectations!

If you’re booking a honeymoon or other getaway, hit them up!”

If you want to hear more about their trip, please check out their blog. And, if you’d like to see a few of their amazing snapshots, check out their Instagram.