Have you ever wondered who’s on the other side of the phone? Here at BlueSun Vacations, we believe that when the voice on the other end becomes human — magic happens.

David S. Templedavid

I love to travel and I love to help others travel! I started in the industry a decade ago and have booked tens of thousands of travelers to all-inclusive beach resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, which has always been my specialty.  I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico and the Caribbean and have been coast-to-coast plus everywhere in between domestically (and Hawaii).  People call me “Mr. Beaches.” I’m happily married to the best woman in the world, Kristin, who’s studying to be a counselor.

My beach stay in three words: Books, Naps, Food
I’d be crazy to hit the beach without: Excessive amounts of reading material
Favorite beach escape: Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso

David S. Temple
Founder and CEO

Matt Brelsfordcolorheadshot(45of51)

Growing up in Ocean City, New Jersey, I was destined to be a beach bum. My adolescent summers were spent hitting the beach by 10 am, and leaving once it was too dark to stay out. Winter didn’t stop me — I dawned a wetsuit for some chilly surfing. In 2005, I moved to Northwest Arkansas amd officially became a “shoobie” (a tourist who visits the seashore for a day).

My beach stay in three words: Beach Hair Always
I never go to the beach without: My Board Shorts
Favorite beach escape: Secrets the Vine

Matt Brelsford
Head of Business Operations


Heather Richardscolorheadshot(3of51)

I’m a California girl turned hogwild in these here Arkansas hills, dreaming back to days of soaking up the sun and beach bumming.  Wife of a man who keeps me a kid at heart, and a mom of two.

My beach stay in three words: GTP (Gym, Tan, Play)
I never go to the beach without: Sunscreen (Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30). Gotta get my tan on — the safe way!
Favorite beach escape: Couples Swept Away

Heather Richards
Head of Growth Marketing


Jason Hamencolorheadshot(7of51)

Having grown up on the West Coast, I know the waves well. I’ve been newly acquainted with the Caribbean and I’m impressed by its beauty. Finding time away to enjoy company with loved ones and unplug from our busy world is a high priority in my life. I want to help people make memories they randomly think of 6 months later and just start smiling. That’s my biz. I am joyfully married to Rachel and have three amazing children: Hudson, Drew, and Lily.

My beach stay in three words: Relax, Swim, Bodysurf
I never go to the beach without: The ambition to catch a wave
Favorite beach escape: Secrets St. James

Jason Hamen
Sales Manager


Mary Eastmancolorheadshot(24of51)

I grew up loving travel, so it’s been a great experience to check out new places from Riviera Maya (one of my favorites) to Punta Cana. Seeing people ecstatic about their recent vacations makes me love what I do. It’s the best. I’ve recently settled back into my native home of Fayetteville, Arkansas. My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying life with our son, our two pups, family and friends!

My beach stay in three words: Water, Sun, Seafood
I never go to the beach without: Chap-Stick, iPad, Perrier
Favorite beach escape: Zoetry Villa Rolandi

Mary Eastman

Toby Wills
toby cropped

Northwest Arkansas born and raised! On the farmland I spent most of my days! I am a husband to my best friend, Rachel Lynn. I am a father to a cross-eyed, buck-toothed cat, named Geoff. I love helping people do what they love to do and I have a burning passion for anything musical.

My beach stay in three words: Beer, Rinse, Repeat
I never go to the beach without: My Wife, My Ukulele and a Cigar
Favorite beach escape: Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita

Toby Wills


Dana Washburndana cropped

I’m an Arkansas native with a great love for the outdoors. I love traveling to these beautiful destinations and enjoying God’s creation. My passion for helping others and being a part of some of your greatest memories is what I love most about my job.

My beach stay in three words: Unplug, Sun, Relax
I never go to the beach without: My Favorite Book, Sunglasses and My Best Beach Bag
Favorite beach escape: Los Cabos, Mexico – Secrets

Dana Washburn



Amanda Shookcolorheadshot(47of51)

Arkansas native, world traveler, young soul, and adventurer. I’m passionate about people and learning about other cultures. I love to explore and push myself outside of my comfort zone by trying new things. Sports, hammocking, reading, traveling, and drinking coffee are a few of my favorite things. If I don’t know you already, I’d love to, so call me up!

My beach stay in three words: Let it be.
I never go to the beach without: Music, Books, Chap-Stick, Chacos, and an Appetite
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Akumal

Amanda Shook


Maegan Washburncolorheadshot(32of51)

I’m a lover of soccer and anything outside. I’m an adventure lover, and I’m passionate about people.

My beach stay in three words: Beautiful, Awesome, Chill
I never go to the beach without: A Book and a Nice, Cold Beverage
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Maroma

Maegan Washburn


Lindsey Browncolorheadshot(36of51)

I love people, tattoos and 90s R&B. Life has a lot to offer and the world’s got a lot to see. So whether it be on a motorcycle through the backwoods of Northwest Arkansas, or lying on the beach of a Caribbean resort, I want to see it all.

My beach stay in three words: Ends to Soon
I never go to the beach without: A Good Book
Favorite beach escape: Secrets The Vine

Lindsey Brown

Chelsea Copecolorheadshot(28of51)

I’m a born and raised Arkansan who thrives on experiencing new places, meeting new people, and building new relationships. I love being able to create connections with others and help meet their needs. Lover of crafts, reading, the outdoors, and spending time with my little goldendoodle, Atlus!

My beach stay in three words: Experience, Relax, Enjoy
I never go to the beach without: Books
Favorite beach escape: Cancun, Mexico

Chelsea Cope


Ben Richardscolorheadshot(34of51)

I am an explorer at heart, and I love taking others along for the adventure. I have grown up in the Ozarks though work and wanderlust have taken me around the world. I am learning that despite diversity we are all very similar. My wife is lovely and I live to make the world better for my two kiddos.

My beach stay in three words: Laugh. Sleep. Play.
I never go to the beach without: A Solid Drink, a Great Book, and a Good Friend
Favorite beach escape: Zoetry Agua Punta Cana

Ben Richards
Director of Sales

Justin Robertsonjustin cropped

Born in Texas, and raised in NW Arkansas, I’m a humorous and fun loving guy who loves movies, games, and books! I’m always looking forward to a new adventure. I love experiencing new cultures and trying new things, and I hope to visit a country on every continent (maybe even Antarctica if it’s not too much trouble, haha).

My beach stay in three words: Fun. Relaxing. Eventful.
I never go to the beach without: A Good Book
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Akumal

Justin Robertson



Gerardo Yanez

I’m Gerardo, and I loooove helping people in any capacity I’m able. I love food, MMA, and working out. My friends are my life, and I’m super excited to start my BlueSun journey!

My beach stay in three words: Maxin’ and relaxin’
I never go to the beach without: A Friend
Favorite beach escape: Any beach will do!

Gerardo Yanez


Ryan Smith

Ever since I saw the ocean for the first time when I was 10, I am always looking for ways to find my way back there again. I am a huge football fanatic and love to travel. I hope to make it to every SEC football stadium before I die. I’m super laid back and go with the flow. I married to my beautiful wife Sara and we want to travel to at least three other continents in the near future. We absolutely love the Caribbean because it’s where we spent our honeymoon.

My beach stay in three words: Relaxing, Excitement and Late Nights
I never go to the beach without: My Oakley shades.
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Akumal
Blog specialty: Best Margaritas

Ryan Smith


Maliah Pinkleton

I’m a Mom to a gorgeous 12 year old dancing daughter who is my life! I’m a photographer, wine enthusiast, foodie and free spirit. I love to travel and experience new things.

My beach stay in three words: Relaxing. Fun. Lots of good food!
I never go to the beach without: A sense of wonder
Favorite beach escape: The Bahamas

Maliah Pinkleton


Keith Jones

I have been blessed to visit the Caribbean 11 times! I love helping people find their dream vacations. I love my twin wife and my young twin girls at home! I truly believe in BlueSun Vacations and I love finding out what you are looking for in a vacation so that you can simply go and relax!!!

My beach stay in three words: Chill, Chill, Chill
I never go to the beach without: My Wife
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Akumal

Keith Jones


Sarah Doretti

I am a California native who now calls Fayetteville home. I am obsessed with all things Disney and love to nerd out over Star Wars and Harry Potter (among many other fandoms). I love traveling with family and friends and am always looking forward to the next adventure!

My beach stay in three words: Sunglasses. Books. Seafood!
I never go to the beach without: Sunblock. The stronger the SPF the better!
Favorite beach escape: Hawaii!

Sarah Doretti


Matthew Ashmead

After being raised in Arkansas for 20 years I adventured around the United States and lived in Denver CO, Austin TX, San Diego CA, and ended up fighting martial arts in Bangkok Thailand for 8 months. When I’m not helping others book their travel adventures I’m spending time with friends, watching movies, working out, and adding new pages to this chapter in my life!

My beach stay in three words: Riding the waves.
I never go to the beach without: A feeling of excitement.
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Akumal

Matthew Ashmead



Adam Bradshaw

My name is Adam Bradshaw and I’m 29! Originally from Oklahoma City but love living in Fayetteville, Arkansas! I spend most of my time outdoors hiking and rocking climbing with my fiancé who I get to marry in March! We also love to go on hunts for the best coffee in town!

My beach stay in three words: So much relaxation.
I never go to the beach without: Sunscreen
Favorite beach escape: Cancun, Mexico

Adam Bradshaw


Erin Leecolorheadshot(12of51)

Texan by birth, Aggie by education, and now an Arkansas resident of five years. I love to run, read, and garden but most of my time is dedicated to my favorite people: my husband and son!

My beach stay in three words: Beach, Book, Food
I never go to the beach without: A Great Book
Favorite beach escape: Valentin Imperial Maya

Erin Lee
Lead BeachKeeper


Claire Wardcolorheadshot(9of51)

Arkansas native, singer, writer, Old Navy connoisseur, and a lover of pizza and La Croix. Growing up I experienced beach-life with my family, which grew my nostalgia for appreciating the beauty of the beach. My favorite thing about traveling is capturing the small details of that destination to share its story through photography and words. I’m totally head-over-heels for my husband who loves being creative and helps me try to figure out how to cook.

My beach stay in three words: Drinking. Mango. Tangos.
I never go to the beach without: My Camera
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Akumal

Claire Ward


Erin Brelsford

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been passionate about travelling and seeing the world. Whether I’m headed to the city, the beach or the mountains, something about getting to know people and places that are different from me and my everyday life gets me incredibly excited. Now, I’m lucky enough to work in a field that has let me turn my favorite thing about life into a career. Oh, and I have a husband and two dogs who I love more than anything.

My beach stay in three words: Swim. Up. Bar.
I never go to the beach without: Sunglasses
Favorite beach escape: Secrets The Vine

Erin Brelsford


Maggie Wellscolorheadshot(27of51)

Between having the free-spirit personality that I do and growing up in the southern state of Arkansas, it comes to no surprise that I’ve always had a love for travel – and this love has only grown with age. In addition, I truly enjoy interacting with people and exposing myself to a wide range of personalities, interests, beliefs, etc. The diversity of humans and areas of the world is what motivates me the most, which really ties into my heart for travel and exploring that.

My beach stay in three words: Serene. Relaxing. Tipsy.
I never go to the beach without: A Big Hat
Favorite beach escape: Secrets Cap Cana

Maggie Wells


Holly Andrewscolorheadshot(40of51)

I was born in Ohio but Northwest Arkansas is my home! I love animals and have had the opportunity to provide a forever home to my five rescues — two dogs and three cats. I have an amazing family and I count my blessings every day! I love experiencing new places and new cultures, so my goal is to provide those experiences for our guests!

My beach stay in three words: Drinks. Music. Relaxation.
I never go to the beach without: Sunscreen
Favorite beach escape: Any beach will do!

Holly Andrews

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  5. Nick forte Reply

    I read every single one . I think you guys are awesome . It’s cool to see everyone sum up their personality and outlook in a paragraph . I whole heartedly know I booked my wife and i’s first vacation with the right person . And right company Lindsey brown and his 90’s r&b haha . Hey but he’s a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. I did notice the majority stated they liked to travel to experience culture and adventure. I think that’s the idea that embodies us as Americans especially Millennials really people in general . But I really enjoyed this thankyou

    • bluesunvacay Reply


      Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you enjoy reading our content. Lindsey is an excellent and fun BeachMaster. We appreciate you as our guest! Looks like your trip is right around the corner 🙂 Have a fabulous time — watch the dolphins, take a romantic walk around the marina, & soak up some sun for us. (And speaking of Millennials), make sure to tag us on FB and Instagram @bluesunvacations

      Happy travels!

      The BlueSun Team

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