Mexico’s Best Kept Secret – Secrets Huatulco

Huatulco, Mexico. — Mexico’s hidden gem tucked along the Pacific coastline. 

Want to know why Huatulco is Mexico’s best kept secret?

Our BeachMasters compare Huatulco to Hawaii. Countless travelers splurge on the mystical tropics of Hawaii thinking to themselves,

“This is the height of luxury.”


We have something important to tell you Huatulco is just as luxurious, tropical, & “islandy” BUT it’s way more accessible than Hawaii AND there are All Inclusive resorts.


This is how to get “Hawaii” without the travel hassle


The Islands

Hawaii surpasses most destination choices for its island lure with 6 mainlands that are completely surrounded by beach.

You can experience Hawaii’s island feel, on Huatulco’s 9 bays and 36 white sandy beaches (4 of which have been designated “ecological preserves” where NO development is permitted). The winding coastline has spectacular shades of green, golden shores, and azure waters. It’s island privacy, complete with tropical fish and exotic coral reefs, makes it perfect for scuba diving & snorkeling.


The Views

Hawaii’s tropics are undeniably beautiful.

What we really love about Huatulco is the views.

Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa has unbeatable overlooks. Nestled in Conejos Bay, every room has a magnificent view of Huatulco’s coastline.


The Luxury 

When people go to Hawaii their friends get jealous. There’s a reason for that.

Well, we know luxury when we see it, and Secrets Huatulco can be summed up in three very luxurious words – Enchanting, Secluded, & Divine.

You don’t have to travel across the Pacific Ocean for luxury.

Let your mind dream…

Daily maid service, no wristbands required, turn-down room service.

Secrets Huatulco has 9 gourmet, a la carte dining options including: a poolside grill, a premium coffee & pastry bar, and Mexican, French, Pan-Asian, & Italian Cuisine.

These world-class spas have Secrets‘ specialty massages, aromatherapy treatments, and couples massages with wine readily poured.

And nothing beats pool & beach service refilling your drink without you even having to ask.


secrets huatulco spa


The Typical Family Vacation

Hawaii welcomes family vacations in droves.

Dreams Huatulco Resort & Spa and Barcelo Huatulco Beach Resort are two great Family Friendly resorts that capitalize on Huatulco’s natural beauty. They have so many exciting and new activities for kids and parents to enjoy.

Windsurfing is Huatulco’s specialty.

huatulco sailing


The Authentic Culture

A huge draw for Hawaiian visitors is their  authentic cuisine & locally grown products. The city of Huatulco chooses authenticity over quantity. You will truly be immersed in Huatulco’s culture.

Take a visit to the local city, La Crucecita. Stop and enjoy a cerveza or a margarita at one the many restaurants in town. La Crucecita differs from Cancun, so don’t expect a Starbucks or McDonalds. For guests looking to experience authentic culture free from large enterprise, this is the place to go.

Here’s a fun fact for our eco-friendly guests, the city of Huatulco is the 1st sustainable tourist community in the Americas and 3rd worldwide to be Green Globe certified.

So come and conserve while living in luxury!


Hawaii is a great option when searching for top-tier vacations. We won’t deny it.
But that lengthy plane ride is hard to deny as well.
And we believe you will be equally if not more satisfied by booking a trip with us to Mexico.
So hear us out and check into Huatulco.
You won’t regret it.