How to Turn Empty Mint Tins Into DIY Travel Kits

Let’s be honest — it’s nearly impossible to be 100 percent prepared for a trip.

More times than not, something important is left at home, you run out of cash right off the bat or you get a hangnail that drives you crazy for the duration of your flight — this one hits home for me.

But, there’s actually a pretty simple way to be 99.9 percent prepared for your next trip!


You know those Altoid mint tins that look pretty cool and useful, but you never really know what to do with them? Well, you should probably start hoarding those.

How to Turn Empty Mint Tins Into DIY Travel Kits:

4 Ways To Repurpose Mint Tins

Reuse your mint tins and use them as travel kits on your next trip 😱!FULL INSTRUCTIONS:

Posted by Goodful on Saturday, August 26, 2017

Image Source: Facebook, Unsplash