19 #NeedaVacation Tweets That We Can All Relate To

In my mind, Twitter is the most underappreciated and underutilized social media platform we have.

For one thing, it’s completely unfiltered. For two, no one cares about aesthetics — think Instagram –, so it’s more authentic and real. And for three, it’s always buzzing with fresh ideas and fresh content.

So, on days when I’m just not feeling the day-to-day life and craving a vacation, I like to look at other people’s outlooks on the situation. This time around, I searched #NeedaVacation and found a few tweets that I whole-heartedly relate to.

And, what I learned is that basically everyone wants a vacation right now.

19 #NeedaVacation Tweets That We Can All Relate To:

1. “See you later alligator.”

2. Work again.

3. Cat Food

4. “Actual footage…”

5. Fingernails 

6. Actually crying…

7. White sands and good music.

8. Ready for Friday.

9. Stress

10. #SoTired

11. 100 Drinks

12. Overwhelmed

13. Plane Ticket

14. Wanderlust

15. #NeedToTravel

16. “It’s unreal.”

17. “Don’t want to get out of bed tho.”

18. Mental health week.

19. #HumpDayIsOverrated 

So, ready to head out on your next vacation? We can help!