15 Non-Scrapbook Ways to Remember Your Vacation Forever

Though I honestly love digital photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, I severely miss the age of printed pictures.

But, let’s be honest, there’s no way I’m going to spend hours gluing my photos into a scrapbook — I’m just not. And like, what happens to those books after they’re done? Do they sit in a closet? Or go to a special scrapbook heaven?

Anywho, there are so many fun, creative ways to remember your vacation photos forever — no glue sticks necessary!

15 Non-Scrapbook Ways to Remember Your Vacation Forever:

1. Instagram Look Book

All you have to do is send your Instagram pictures to a company called Artifact Uprising and they’ll turn it into a super sleek look book.


2. Magnets

This is a incredibly cute way to display your favorite vacation photos! Visit this blog for a super simple tutorial.


3. Wallpaper

If you reallyyy want to go whole hog, you can turn your wall into a massive collage.


4. Calendar

Turn your photos into a calendar so you can enjoy them all year long!


5. Pillows

This is a fun, out-of-the-box way to display your favorite memories.


6. Lampshade

So cute and so unique! Follow this tutorial to make it at home.


7. Keepsake Boxes

This is a super easy way to keep all your photos and memories organized by destination.


8. Photo Clothesline

It takes like two minutes and will dress up any bare wall.


9. Wood Scroll Frame

You can get these frames for $13.86 each here, and this tutorial will show you how to put them together.


10. Wire Frame Display

This is the perfect way to display your favorite travel photos. And, you can change them out whenever you want! Click here for a tutorial.


11. Coasters

Mod Podge your photos onto white tiles to make a set of drink coasters! Click here for the tutorial.


12. Map-Shaped Photo Frame

If you’d prefer to hang something a little more polished, try a pre-cut mat board photo frame.


13. Tech Case

This site allows you to customize iPhone casesApple watch bandsMacbook sleeves and more!


14. Retroviewer

Remember these things? Apparently they still exist and you can put your own photos on them!


15. Shower Curtain

Because… why not?

So, ready to make some new memories? We can help!