How To Get A Free Photo Book Out Of Your Trip

We all know that the only exciting thing about returning home from vacation is being able to brag about your adventures — right?

Whether you choose to share the highlights of your trip with a select group of friends, bombard social media with photos or relive the memories on your own, this practice is basically impossible without a little photo evidence.

Well, we’re here to help.


After your travel days are over, we want to make sure you have plenty of ways to reminisce on your time at the beach. So, if you provide us with the right content, we will hook you up with a completely free photo book that you can look at and show off for years to come.

Pretty sweet, right?

All you have to do is follow the simple steps below, and you’ll have a 20-page photo book at your door in no time!

How To Get A Free Photo Book Out Of Your Trip:

Step 1: Document your trip

Even if you want to unplug, you can still take pictures as you go and post them on Facebook or Instagram later. Here’s some ideas of what to capture:

Your balcony


Your meals


Your drinks


A selfie on the beach


You and your loved one


You at your resort


The ocean


And read these blogs for inspiration: 7 Photos You Should Capture While On Vacation; 12 Tips For Taking The Best Instagram Photos On Your Beach Trip“; “10 Vacation Photos That’ll Immediately Transport You Away From Your Desk


Step 2: Pick your top 10 – 20 photos

These are photos you want to look back on to remember your time in paradise. This is your photobook!


Step 3: Send them to us!

Send us your photos *at the latest 1 month* after your trip to this email address:


Step 4: Post to social media

A great way to reminisce your time in the sun and encourage all your friends to do the same is to post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @bluesunvacations and #bluesunvacations


And remember, the most important step is to have fun and say “beach please”!

2 thoughts on “How To Get A Free Photo Book Out Of Your Trip

  1. Sheryl L. Taylor Reply

    I’m looking at the photos of our most recent vacation and would like to take advantage of getting my free photo book. Is it too late for me to take advantage of this offer. We went to Secrets, Maroma Beach in Cancun, Mexico from Dec. 22-31.

    • BlueSun Vacations Reply

      Hey Sheryl —

      Since you traveled within the last couple months, this shouldn’t be an issue! Let us get you in touch with your BeachMaster Joe, so we can work something out.

      Thanks for reaching out,
      BlueSun Vacations

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