11 Phrases You Should Know When Visiting Mexico

If you ever plan on visiting Mexico — which you should –, there are a few phrases that may come in handy.

11 Phrases You Should Know When Visiting Mexico:
  1. Can you please help me? – Puedes ayudarme, por favor?
  2. Where can I find this? – Donde esta esto? 
  3. Which way do I go to here? – Como puedo ir ahi?
  4. Am I near this? – Estoy cerca de esto?
  5. I am looking for… – Estoy buscando…
  6. Can you show me where on this map? – Me puedes mostrar donde esta en este mapa?
  7. How far is it? –  A cuánto queda?
  8. I am lost – Estoy perdido
  9. Thank you for your help! – Gracias por su ayuda!
  10. Do you speak English? – Hablas Ingles?
  11. Where’s the bathroom? – Dónde está el baño?

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