Pros to a Top Resort

We always say there’s truly a resort for everyone. Just recently one of our BeachMasters  came back from her honeymoon. She had a split stay at two different resorts: Secrets Akumal and Secrets the Vine. Akumal was more laid back  with gorgeous tropical foliage and beach beauty spread throughout the resort, and the Vine was hotel-focused, with a modern, eccentric, and fast-paced feel.

When choosing your resort, you should consider what you want: gorgeous landscape, or a killer hotel, or if you struggle like us– Both!

If you’re torn between a rock and hard place, here’s…

Pro’s to staying at a top hotel resort

1. Modern vibes


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Top resorts, like Secrets the Vine, take “modern decor” to an entirely different level. And it’s different even from resorts of the same brand. Take Secrets St. James in Jamaica, this place has more colonial elegance and a regal flare with white pillars throughout the lobby and deep dark mahogany suites. But the white-walled rooms at The Vine with wooden accents, cool blue toned color schemes, and sky-high windows facing the ocean create an experience unlike anything you’ve ever been apart of.


You can really grasp the vibe of your hotel through the lobby decor. So, spend some time chillin’ in your hotel lobby to fully grasp the luxury of your hotel.

2. High-rise views


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The views at top hotel resorts are enough to make your entire trip worth it all. The great thing about a hotel-like resort, is no matter what room, you’ll have a high rise view of the ocean, the city, and the bay across the way.

3. Elite service & luxury


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There is no match for the service you will receive at a top resort. Their service and hospitality go above and beyond expectations. For example, if you’re celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, you’ll not only get complimentary room service, but you can request a romantic breakfast in your room, served and delivered with a floral accent.

4. Classy night life



You can experience a classy night on the town without stepping foot off your resort property! Romance & class aren’t hard to come by at a top resort. After the sun sets it turns into a new, quiet, and relaxed place. And Bars don’t get hopping until about 8. So you have plenty of time to soak up a classy dinner at sundown.

Ladies, make sure to take a few maxi dress options, some fun rompers, and a light jacket because sometimes it gets colder with the ocean breeze. Guys, don’t hesitate to dress up in some slacks, a button-up, or even a sport jacket. It’s fun to feel classy and you don’t want to be the only one at your resort not embracing the “to-the-nines” atmosphere.

5. Upscale rejuvenation


Four words: Secrets Spa by Pevonia. You won’t want to miss the Secrets’ special treatment of pampering you in luxury with the highest service. Choose among spa packages such as a Swedish massage, body wraps, and at Secrets The Vine specifically you can enjoy their specialty Wine-Therapy treatments where they use high quality oils to rejuvenate and refresh your body.

Most resorts offer spa treatments, but when you stay close to the city, you know you’re getting the big league treatment.

6. Food to die for


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Because of a city hotel being located close to the city, there’s better access to some amazing food and drinks at your hotel resort. The food at any resort is amazing, but when you experience the food at your hotel resort, you’ll be singing its praises.

For example, at The Vine, you can’t go wrong when you plan a night at any of the hotel’s restaurants. Pick a night to visit the Mediterranean restaurant, for dinner on the balcony with some killer sunset views* or visit the Steakhouse restaurant for the best steak of your life. And the Asian restaurant has unlimited sushi!

*some restaurants are only open at dinner and require reservations. Read “Everything You Need to Know About Dining At Your Resort” to navigate resort dining

7. Premium balconies


It’s worth it upgrade to a room with a killer balcony. Even at Junior Suite level, the balconies specifically at The Vine give you quite a view. From all our BeachMasters, we highly suggest you invest in your room when you stay at any resort. Whether it’s a Jacuzzi, plunge pool, wide space, or ocean view you’re after, once your concierge drops you off at your room, you won’t be disappointed.