Which Resort Should You Visit Based On Your Taste In Room Decor?

You know that post-vacation high you experience for like, two weeks after you get home? That’s me right now.

I was not only lucky enough to visit Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic recently, but while there, I had the opportunity to take a tour of five unique AM Resorts. One major distinction I made between all five resorts was the difference in room design . For me personally, the overall look and feel of a room and building, in general, can have an affect on whether or not I feel comfortable and relaxed. I think most people are this way — maybe even subconsciously.

This observation led me to create a resort guide based on the variety of looks they created and the range of preferences these might match up with.

Breathless Punta Cana

Popularly-known as one of the most exciting adults-only destinations in Punta Cana, Breathless provides suites that perfectly align with that reputation. The vibrant color scheme creates an energetic vibe that not only appears to keep the party going, but also complements the tropical view from the balcony. The overall decor is highly contemporary, with various amenities designed with geometric shapes, contrasting colors and sleek lines. If you like to relax in style, these rooms are for you.












Secrets Cap Cana

Pure relaxation – these are the two words that come to mind when trying to describe the rooms at Secrets Cap Cana. Despite being an adult-only resort alongside Breathless (see above), the atmosphere couldn’t be more different. A stay at Secrets Cap Cana pretty much equates to an extended spa-visit. The resort’s rooms contribute to this experience, as they are furnished with smooth, wooden amenities and a harmonious mauve + navy color scheme. Decor (such as the handwoven wall art behind the bed) help to create a very romantic and bohemian aura.

SECCC_DeluxeJr_Suite_Night_4A SECCC_DeluxeJr_Vanity_v3

Now Onyx

Unlike the two previously mentioned resorts, this one falls into the “family-friendly” category, meaning guests of all ages are allowed. However, as you can see from the photos below, this does not automatically translate to a more chaotic atmosphere. Now Onyx is an all-new destination in Punta Cana and is similar to Secrets Cap Cana (above) in that it aims to accommodate guests interested a more laid-back vacation experience. The aesthetic of the rooms can be described as natural, serene and earthy. Between the monochromatic green color scheme and touches of faux bamboo, it seems as though it would be difficult not to feel calm and carefree in a Now Onyx suite.

NOOPC_Deluxe_JrSuite_Night2_3A-720x333 NOOPC_Deluxe_Bathroom_1A-720x333

Dreams La Romana

This all-inclusive destination is known to be one of Punta Cana’s most-visited, as it offers an ideal vacation experience for couples and families alike. Future beach-goers looking for comfort and convenience would most likely be referred to Dreams La Romana. As far as suite arrangements go, this resort provides a simple, minimalistic layout that generates an extremely comfortable and “home-y” mood for guests. You may be one of those people not as concerned about the look and design of your room, as most of your resort-stay time will be spent on the beach, at the pool, or at a restaurant. Keep it simple at Dreams.



Zoetry Agua

“Endless Privileges” is Zoetry Agua’s tagline for a reason. The resort’s name actually translates to “the art of life,” which perfectly describes the type of experience it tends to produce for guests. The vastly luxurious and tranquil all-inclusive resort features suites and amenities equally as luxurious and tranquil. Surrounded by hardwood floors, stone accents, and an earth-toned color scheme, guests staying at Zoetry are guaranteed to endure a highly serene room experience. Not to mention, the beautiful tropical views from the jacuzzi bath. Are you into top-of-line leisure? This one’s your pick.

zocdm_rom_js_720x465 zoapc_jac_720x45

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