4 thoughts on “QUIZ: Which Beach Destination Are You?

  1. Lynn R. Johnston Reply

    I would have taken the quiz on this, but I do not Facebook; twitter; or any of those other messaging choices. I don’t even text. I’m just a plain ‘ol 69 yr old redneck that loves to go on vacations to all-inclusive

    • bluesunvacay Post authorReply


      No worries — we LOVE that you’re interested in our beach destination quiz. All you have to do is click “Let’s Play” you don’t have to have a Facebook account. If you have any questions or issues, email us at team@bluesunvacations.com. We’re here for you 🙂

  2. Judy Rasmussen Reply

    We just got back from Cancun and It was the best.
    I’m doing wash right now so I can go back tomorrow.
    I’m so ready because it’s 27 degrees outside right now.

    • bluesunvacay Post authorReply


      This is so good to hear! Any ideas on where you want to go next? It always helps to have another beach trip to count down to when it’s 27 degrees outside. BRRRRRRRRRR.

      Thanks for the comment!

      The BeachMaster Team

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