7 Reasons Why La Romana is Underrated

Our team was blown away by the city of La Romana when we took a trip to the Caribbean back in March. Why is it underrated, you might ask? Well, according to the locals, it used to take 2-3 hours to drive to this destination from the PUJ airport. Now, it takes under an hour because of a brand new highway that was just completed when we went to visit.


So now that that hindrance is behind us, there’s nothing stopping you from checking out La Romana. Since it’s a little less known than our main destination cities, here’s why it’s underrated and why you need to go there on your next vacation with us.


7 Reasons Why La Romana is Underrated


1. Beaches + views

This ☀️weather RN is not helping my craving to be back

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If the beaches in Punta Cana had a contest against the La Romana beaches, La Romana would take the cake. Although they are both in the “Caribbean”, the beaches in La Romana are truly on the Caribbean Sea side, aka the water is much clearer and more blue with whiter sand.

The beach at Dreams La Romana was bumping with a huge group of people floating, snorkeling, lounging, and doing water aerobics together. Then just a little bit around the corner was this private little oasis you can reserve – you can make this beach fit to your liking for sure.



2. Swim-out suites

DSC_0452 DSC_0330

We were so impressed with the diverse suites at Dreams La Romana and the new Dreams Dominicus. They felt very modern and private.


3. Expansive Pools


La Romana doesn’t skimp out on the pool vibes. Both Dreams La Romana and Dreams Dominicus had so much room so you don’t feel crowded or overwhelmed.


4. Unique Drinks

¡Muy conmociona!

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The Caribbean is known for its drinks, and in La Romana, they like to decorate their drinks in style. Every drink they offered us looked like this photo and tasted amazing. For more inspiration on what drinks specifically the Caribbean will offer you, “How To Re-Create 5 Classic Resort Drinks At Home“.


5. Family friendliness


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La Romana is honestly the location to take your kids of any age. And this doesn’t exclude adults! There are so many activities plus the best beaches in the Caribbean – you would literally have to force yourself to get bored here. Also it’s important to note, Dreams La Romana and Dreams Dominicus both offer totally different vibes:

Looking for something chill and laid-back, with a more modern design and style? Check out Dreams Dominicus.

For fun, upbeat, never-ending options, we’re begging you to check out Dreams La Romana.


6. Romantic Vibes

Enjoy an evening of pure romance at #DreamsDominicus! #BeachThursday

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There really is something for everyone in La Romana. The beautiful setting alone makes for a great romantic getaway trip. I mean, hello, romantic dinner on the beach at sunset overlooking one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world? If you’re traveling to the Caribbean and want to experience someplace new that feels authentically Caribean and exotic, we seriously suggest La Romana.


7. Pool Accessories


Two words, bali beds. These were everywhere we turned and make for a more private setting to post-up for an afternoon nap, read a book under the shade, reserve for that massage by the ocean, or pose for a classy social media post in your new swim-suit.

We were so surprised by all that La Romana had to offer and we think you will be too.