Reasons Why We Love Mexico

It’s that time of year when the Red, White & Blue shows her political colors.
We’ve seen that a certain someone (we won’t name names), really hates on Mexico. But honestly,


It’s our go-to destination and our favorite place to send guests that are looking for easy accessibility to relaxation in Paradise.
So without making a political stance,

Here’s our 13 reasons why we love it:

Riviera Maya


Riviera Maya takes the cake for favorite BeachMaster’s “bang for your buck”. Just south of Cancun, it’s home to the best All Inclusive resorts in Mexico. The affordable Riviera Maya’s clear turquoise waters and palm-studded white sands lead to gorgeous fun and relaxation along the Caribbean coastline. Not only does Riviera Maya stretch your price point the furthest, but its versatile atmosphere is family-friendly and it’s one of our fav spots for honeymooners. Check out Ocean Maya Royale in Cancun. 




Cancun’s urban-ocean vibes create the ultimate vacation destination. From the adventure-seeker to the professional relaxer, Cancun blends hot downtown excitement with cool Caribbean ultra-blue water.  Circ del Soliel, shopping, spa packages, and more – Cancun has something for everyone! Plus, it’s super safe for family-friendly vacation seekers. If you’re  looking to experience all Cancun has to offer without the munchkins, resorts like Secrets the Vine  have plenty of luxe Adults Only options too.


Puerto Vallarta


As one of the top 10 most colorful cities in the world, Puerto Vallarta deserves to get some major creds! For a unique option when traveling to the Pacific side of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is home to some of Apple Vacations’ best resorts and hosts a wide variety of personality. We recommend Puerto Vallarta to people with a love for the beach, green tropics, incredible sunsets, and quaint cities full of art and authentic cuisine. This destination provides a plethora of “must-see’s” at Dreams Villamagna Vallarta both on and off resort property.

Los Cabos


Deserts have such a bad rep! But you’ve never seen a desert like Los Cabos’ where golden sands and azul water stretch from the Sea of Cortes to the Pacific Ocean. With fishing, whale watching, a vibrant coastline, and lively downtown, Los Cabos’ arid climate sets itself apart from other areas in Mexico that experience high humidity. With perfect weather, short flights and a vibrant nightlife at Breahless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa, a trip to Cabo is just waiting for you!



Just a ferry ride away from Cancun and Riviera Maya sits the island of Cozumel! This destination is an underwater “guru” when it comes to snorkeling. Unlimited sea life, coral reefs, and underwater caverns make this the top place to dive down and see a crazy world apart from us. Not to mention, it’s the most budget-friendly, family-friendly destination. Cozumel is the diver’s paradise, full of culture and activities to experience together, as a family, at places like Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort.



Welcome to Apple Vacations’ hidden gem tucked along Mexico’s Pacific coastline. Mountains kiss the shore of Huatulco’s 9 bays and 36 beaches. The winding coastline lends spectacular shades of emerald landscapes, golden shores, and azure waters. And fun fact for eco-friendlies: the city of Huatulco is the 1st sustainable tourist community in the Americas and  the 3rd worldwide, to be Green Globe certified. Come to Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa and let’s conserve some natural resources!

Isla Mujeres

Zoetry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres cancun mex

Though it may be little, this island is fierce when it comes to its high-end design, luxury, and comfort.The tranquil, small island of Isla Mujeres is only 8 miles long and sits just off of the shores of Cancun, only 20 minutes away by ferry. It could quite possibly be one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. The beaches are uncrowded, beautiful & coconut palm covered.  Rent a golf cart and experience the friendly culture of the island, enjoy Isla Mujeres’ top notch snorkeling, or beat the crowds and catch the sunrise at Punta Sur – the first spot that the sun rises in all of Mexico. When booking Zoetry Villa Rolandi resort in Isla Mujeres, ask for a room facing the ocean! The view from your balcony Jacuzzi tub will be totally worth it.

Riviera Nayarit


You will be googly-eyed in love over this destination that nestles just north of Puerto Vallarta. Stretching along nearly 200 miles of Pacific coastline, Riviera Nayarit is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, tropical jungle, and the Sierra Madre Mountains. Talk about cool! Feast your eyes on beauty in every direction the moment you arrive. From exceptional dining to recreational activities, Riviera Nayarit is the ultimate vacation paradise and a premier destination for golfers worldwide. Immerse yourself in this paradise luxury where three-tiered infinity pools eclipse the swim-up bar giving guests endless views of Banderas Bay, a tranquil oasis of long pristine beaches . This among many more are the features of the A+ Grand Velas treatment and true spirit of Mexican hospitality in Riviera Nayarit.



Close your eyes and picture with me: a 360 degree view of hillsides facing the Pacific Coast, stretching its groomed, silky-smooth sand along a private beach. Now open your eyes, that’s Ixtapa! For an All-inclusive vacation off the beaten path, Ixtapa’s resorts offer a true retreat and refuge to travelers longing for a hide away among exotic foliage with unequivocal beauty. Even in peak season, it doesn’t feel crowded! To top off your experience, there’s a cheery, friendly Sunscape Dorado resort staff waiting for you.



This “Sailfish Capital of the World” is surrounded by diverse natural landscapes with spectacular coastal views. Known for its high concentration of marlin, Manzanillo is full of ecotourism, beach activities and water sports such as deep-sea fishing. Try Barcelo Karmina Palace resort right on the Manzanillo beach and experience spectacular architecture, inspired by the Mayan temples. With tropical gardens, a private beach, and deluxe spas, we’ll make your stay a paradise for relaxation, full of fun for the family.



“Ahhhh…” 17 miles of gorgeous pristine beaches doesn’t take much convincing to get you to this destination on the tip of the Baja Peninsula. The “Pearl of the Pacific” is home to the Faro, the second largest lighthouse in the world. And with the presence of two marinas, Mazatlan is a hotspot for international fishing tournaments. You can only imagine the marine life here. But that’s not all! With the Riu Emerald Bay resort only minutes from Mazatlan’s Golden Zone, look to unwind along the romantic shore and rediscover nostalgic vibes in the Old Mazatlan historic center. From the amazing marina-front locations, inviting swimming pools and lagoons, tranquil private beaches, and tantalizing cuisine, Mazatlan is the preferred tropical playgroup for families and couples.



The moment your plane descends on Loreto Bay, you’ll be speechless at this must-see jewel of Baja California. With cascading desert mountains toward the west and water eclipsed islands to the east, this breathtaking coastline provides the relaxation, beauty, and exploration, perfect for any traveler. Take a day trip on boat to explore one of many islands, go deep sea fishing, or enjoy local open-air seating for delicious mariscos (seafood) and Mexican cuisine. You’ll leave your trip to Loreto Bay happy as a clam.



From its breathtaking views of scenic mountains, the bay, calm beaches and nightlife, Apple Vacations has nominated Acapulco resorts as a legendary 24-hour Paradise. Enjoy every aspect of this paradise from fun-filled watersports, lounge-worthy beaches, or unique adventures to see expert divers brave over 100 foot cliffs. But the fun doesn’t stop here!

Acapulco’s main strip, Costera Miguel Aleman, is home to exceptional restaurants and dance halls that will light up your night with excitement and fun. We’ve heard Eva Longoria will tie the knot in this ideal Mexican destination. With the timelessness of this glamorous island, who wouldn’t want to pick their paradise in Acapulco?!