Reasons to Stay at a Zoetry Resort

If you find yourself planning your perfect weekend of calm and quiet relaxation while barely holding on during the work week, Zoetry Resorts are the resort for you.

Zoetry is special among luxury resorts. You’re not about to find a bumping party at a Zoetry resort. But you will find guests reconnecting with their quiet insides while poolside chilling with a drink and fresh cut, organic fruit to their side.

Currently, there are only 4 Zoetry Resorts, with 1 on the way. Most people don’t know much about it since there are so few. So if a weekend of quiet and stillness is calling your name, listen up– Zoetry might be calling your name too.


Every resort is different and unique. We want to highlight the best aspects of Zoetry Resorts, so us relaxation snobs can know there really is a place for us out in the deep blue land of the All-Inclusives.

Top 5 reasons to stay at a Zoetry resort:

1. the Tranquility

Zoetry is ideal for those looking for serenity in a laid-back culture. Though these resorts may be few, Zoetry is so unique in their approach to resort lifestyle. Every Zoetry is designed with holistic and natural ideas about relaxation. AMResorts says it best when they describe Zoetry as, “A world away from daily distractions, but only 5 minutes from shopping, dining, golf, and the International Airport.” When you visit a Zoetry resort you can expect pristine pools, high-quality spa treatments, organic food options, daily afternoon tea time, and incredible views from intimate suites.




2. the Luxury

We call Zoetry the boutique resort. When you visit a Zoetry resort, it’s hard to distinguish the spa from the rest of the resort. The entire property feels like a spa it’s so fancy and calm.  One resort in particular that has raised the bar in luxury is Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita in Riviera Maya.

At Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita, luxury threads throughout the entire resort. This Zoetry’s attention to detail makes it the ultimate zen getaway. You’ll find many beautiful and unique pieces of art as you walk through the hallways, lobbies, and lounges. And the architecture! Even the structure and layout of this resort takes you to a place of simple freedom.



Zoetry has an in-house scuba diving center, a private 48 ft. Catamaran (essentially an awesome sailboat), and the first certified Thalassotherapy Center in North America (explained below). From all of the waterworks to the lush greenery, it’s easy to feel totally relaxed at Zoetry Paraiso.


3. the Spas

The spas at Zoetry are something else! If you are looking for a resort that truly stands out above the rest, then we highly recommend looking into Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita.  This Zoetry  adds their own flavor when it comes to spa and wellness with “thalassotherapy treatments.” Tucked between the lush forest and secluded white beach lies the Thalasso Center & Spa, “a true temple of healing.” Thalassotherapy includes treatments involving heated seawater, seaweed, and marine mud that give nutrients to the skin by eliminating toxins.

It sounds crazy, but it not only improves the romance of your trip, it will rejuvenate your skin, muscles, circulatory, and nervous systems. This experience is a real treat.





4. the Pools & Privacy

Zoetry is the place to truly getaway & hideaway. When it comes to choosing your room at Zoetry Paraiso, we recommend looking for two words: plunge pool. This is probably the best part of any room. An oceanfront view while chilling in a private pool on the terrace– trust us, this is worth looking into.

A private terrace with relaxing plunge pool, romantic marble bathrooms, and plenty of room to lounge around almost requires that you relax like never before. (Insider tip: the Oceanfront Presidential suite has a private wraparound terrace with relaxing plunge pool. It’s pretty sweet.)


Zoetry Agua Punta Cana

5. The FOOD

Zoetry stands out for its health & wellness approach to resort life. It offers its guests a vacation focused on wellness and serves an array of organic food and beverage selections, chosen to meet all dietary needs and include locally-grown ingredients. If you have dietary restrictions, which we know can be a huge concern (and often a pain) while traveling, Zoetry is great at making accommodations easy and delicious! Dine at the luxurious AAA four-diamond restaurant at Zoetry Paraiso called “La Canoa”. It’s perfect with hand-painted plates and an enormous walk-in wine cellar.



Zoetry is the perfect resort for those looking for an intimate, classy, gorgeous resort stay.

For more on Zoetry, give us a call. We’ll give you the inside scoop.