Reasons to Visit Los Cabos

Winter is over! Which means you should definitely start thinking about rewarding yourself for making it through with your very own Apple Vacation!  If you’re thinking of going on a ladies only trip, family vacation or a romantic time for two, we are sure Cabo has what you’re looking for!  Here are some reasons why we think Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the perfect place for your escape:cabo hilton

  1. Cabo has awesome weather.  It is known for being hot and sunny all year long! Which means you won’t have to worry about those dark clouds putting a damper on your vacation. With the temp averaging 78 degrees annually and the water hovering around 72 degree, we are sure you’ll love it here!
  2. Cabo is just a short flight away. With lots of Apple Vacations charters and packages offered, what’s your excuse to not call and book your trip today?
  3. Cabo offers something for everyone. if you are looking for a relaxing or active vacations; golf, nature, ocean or wellness retreat, they have it all.  Just let your BeachMaster know what your dream trip to Cabo would include and they’ll be happy to organize the perfect vacation for you and your loved ones.
  4. Cabo has whales. Whale watching is the best in Spring.  Whale migration is one of the most marvelous natural wonders you can witness every year in Cabo.  The whales make there way there from December to early April, we love watching them the most from mid February on, when the mommy whales are teaching their babies how to swim, breach and jump out of the water.
  5. Cabo has vibrant nightlife.  A trip to Cabo wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the city’s night life. They offer lots of entertainment options such as night clubs, bars and even hookah bars. Most tourist move from spot to spot and a taxi is easy to get no matter what time of night!

Have you been reading this and thinking- OK! I’m sold but where do I stay? Check out some of our favs below.

Girls Getaway? Take a look at Breathless Los Cabos. Located right on the beach some of the rooms look like you’re right on the water!
Breathless Cabo
 How about a family vacation? Dreams are amazing family resorts!  This particular property, Dreams Los Cabos, has spacious suites for you and your littles to not feel crammed. Plus, it’s had recent renovations and face-lifts to update the property.
Dreams Los Cabos
Romantic trip for 2? Known for their amazing views and their golfing. You won’t be disappointed with this Secrets property.
 Secrets Puerto

With perfect weather, short flights and something for everyone we are wondering when you’re going to give us a call? After all….Cabo and its perfect weather is waiting! Wondering when is best for you to go? Check out this chart (click to enlarge)! when to travel to cabo


Have you been to Cabo? What’s your favorite part about this travel spot? Sharetips for your fellow beach-lovers below.


Keep it beachy.
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