Reasons why BSV and “All-Inclusives” are BFF’s

Hi beachlovers! Welcome to the BlueSun Vacations experience! I’m going to be your go-to guide to anything and everything BlueSun Vacations (we like to call it BSV), beach life, how-to’s, fun facts, and more valuable beach essentials you won’t want to miss.

From the insider scoop into the snazziest beaches and Apple Vacations’ resorts,
to personal buzz worthy stories of our BeachMasters‘ themselves,
we’ve got the scoop
and you’re in the right place.

So just sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of BSV andall that our hot All-Inclusives have to offer. And here, we’ve added some tunes to listen to while you read and browse our blog.


Let me tell you a little bit about why we sell this crazy little thing we call, “All-Inclusives”

All-Inclusives do relaxing like a bo$$

bright and fun

Let your hair down! No stress! At BSV, our BeachMasters are skilled in the knowledge of how to prep you for your All-Inclusive vacation. This is so you can actually relax. Isn’t that why you go on “vacation” anyway?

Whatever you consider fun for you…is fun for us. 


Whether you can’t bare to leave the sand or you can’t leave your vacay without “shredding the ‘nar”, we’re here to make your vacation, your vacation. From surfing, snorkeling, resort spa massagin’, an ATV buggie ride through the forest, or getting some vitamin-D by the poolside, this is why it’s ALL here at your fingertips…get it? “All”?

Happy hour is every hour here. 


The hardest decision you’ll make all week is “What drink should I have on the beach today?” Mimosa for breakfast, Bloody Mary for lunch, and a “Jamaican Me Smile” cocktail for dinner? No problem. *The “Jamaican Me Smile” is a BeachMaster fav and complementary to our Jamaican All-Inclusive resorts.*

 Your new home-away-from-home


We get it, home-sick kids, missing the comforts of home, or just hate change? Not only do Apple Vacations‘ resorts have insane accommodations, its staff is friendly and available for whatever needs, questions, or concerns you have on your trip. *Room service, kids play area, work-out gym, golf courses etc. your home just got cooler!

The best beaches your bum will ever sit on

beach life

BSV doesn’t just “get people to the beach”… the beach is our THING! Our BeachMasters know all the hot spots backwards and forwards among the best Mexico and Caribbean beaches. From Secrets the Vine, Cancun, Mexico to Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro, Punta Cana, Caribbean, there are gorgeous white and even pink sands that you’ll never want to leave.

Check out our blog post “7 Beaches You Don’t Want To Miss”  or seriously give our BeachMasters a call!

So, I think you get the picture. All Inclusives are pretty awesome…and with BSV they’re even better. We’ve not only been on these vacations personally, but we genuinely want you to enjoy your needed time of R&R.

Check us out or Give us a shout!

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