8 Reasons Why You Should Have An All Inclusive Wedding

You may be reading this as a groom, bride, mother-of-the-bride, or someone who’s been a part of one-too-many weddings.

Either way, almost everyone can look back on at least one wedding experience that they would rather not relive.


Don’t get me wrong! I’ve been both a bridesmaid, Matron of honor, and a bride — and loved being able to celebrate love and marriage. But sometimes I ask myself, “Couldn’t this whole process be a lot easier? And more fun?!?”

I’d like to tell you a few reasons why I think you should have an All Inclusive wedding.

It’s not for everyone, but they can be a lot easier than you may realize and a whole lot more fun than you ever could have imagined.

8 Reasons Why You Should Have an all inclusive wedding:

1. The Romance

It is humanly impossible not to feel romantic at an All Inclusive. There is luxury and intimate nooks everywhere you turn. Plus, there’s so many creative options to add little romantic nuances to surprise your significant other or guests.


2. Drinks and Food are covered

The days of worrying about feeding, hosting, and pleasing everyone are over. This will give you and your high maintenance extended family members a relief. Literally All Inclusive resorts are designed for you to walk in and do whatever you want in that moment.

Ready to mingle by the bar til 2am? Or wanting to relax in the jacuzzi while you order room service? Or is a nice walk along the beach more your scene? This is why an All Inclusive wedding is the way to go.



3. Vacation for everyone

No early morning wake-up call the morning after your wedding to rush to the airport. And no more complaints from family members or guests. On vacation, everyone is their best self, which means your wedding is going to be the party of the century right in the middle of paradise.

But don’t worry, you still will get special treatment and seclusion as the bride and groom.

Ask about the honeymoon suites at your resort to reserve for your honeymoon.

Cheers to one month as husband and wife!

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4. the Scenery

Have you ever been to a wedding where you’re in the bridal party and the photographer has you standing next to an aesthetically pleasing wall, but just feet away is an ugly dumpster?

Yep at an All Inclusive there’s literally 360 degrees of paradise all around you.



5. Photography

Your photos will be unlike any other at an All Inclusive. Plus everyone is relaxed because it feels like you’re on vacation, so everyone will authentically look like they’re having a good time. Because they’re actually having a good time. No posed or fake smiles at your wedding.


6. Happy bridal party

If you’ve been in one of those weddings, ya know the ones where you’re forced to sit around in a dressing room all day and wait til the wedding 6 hours from now, then anyone in their right mind would be pumped to kick in the Caribbean or Mexico for your wedding.

Though your wedding day is all about you, sometimes it helps when everyone you love and care about is also having the time of their life.



6. Wedding Planner (included)

The days of a high-strung wedding planner are over. Not only is your BeachMaster your direct contact with the on-site wedding planner leading up to the wedding, but at the resort, your wedding planners are there solely for you. They have experience in their location , so they know the best way to strategically plan out your day so everything runs smoothly.

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7. WEdding packages

Every resorts’ wedding packages are different, but you have so much to choose from whether you want the full wedding experience from the alter to the reception, to renew your vows, anniversary packages, Shaddi Packages…honestly anything you want at your wedding, they can make it happen.


Are you a bride or groom? Even if you’re just inquisitive head on over to our wedding website and give us a call! We’d love to help you plan your dream wedding.