5 Reasons You Need A BeachMaster In Your Life

1. BeachMasters are not your average travel agents

We call ourselves BeachMasters because we specialize in beach vacations — and that’s it.

You won’t find the typical “Jack of All Trades” travel agent selling anything from Vegas to Italy here — nope. Our sole focus is the beaches of Mexico and the Caribbean.

And since we are laser-focused on one thing, we promise to deliver the most reliable information for your upcoming trip to paradise.

2. You will never speak to a robot

“Please listen carefully to the options as they may have changed…please press 1 if you need too…yadda, yadda, yadda.”

When you call us, you will never hear this dreaded, monotone voice.

Our BeachMasters are real, live humans who will give you direct phone numbers, so you can contact them directly. That also means that you will consistently talk to one person throughout your vacation planning process — revolutionary.

3. We’ve actually visited the places we’re sending you to

Each of our BeachMasters has first-hand experience of the resorts and destinations we recommend.

And get this — we even have our favorites! So when you call in, be sure to ask where your BeachMasters loves to visit. We’ll be sure to point you toward the best of the best.

4. You’re our guest

To us, you’re not a reservation number or a set of dollar signs. You are our guest! This means that we’ll take care of you from the beginning to the end of your booking process.

5. We actually like our job

How many times have you called a call center and thought at the end of a phone conversation — man, those people must hate their lives.

Not us! We love what we do because we’re helping you make your vacation dreams come true. And we make it a priority to have that reflect in our conversations with you.

You can take my word for it, or you can find out yourself! Get some BeachMaster in your life, give us a call today and experience the difference!