10 Reasons You Should Choose an All Inclusive Over a Cruise

Hi, I’m Heather and one time I went on a cruise — it was a disaster.

We’re talking unexpected charges, disappointing on-board pools, very little beach time, and thus — many family feuds.

Since then, I swore off anything that resembled the tackiness that cruise associated with “all included.” That was until I truly understood the words “All Inclusive” and everything changed.

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If you talk to a beach enthusiast long enough, you’ll catch yourself telling all your cruise-hunting friends, “You know, a trip to Oceana Maya Royal, in Riviera Maya is a way better deal.”

While a cruise may be for some, we believe there truly is an All Inclusive resort for everyone.

Our BeachMasters will choose an All Inclusive over a cruise 10 to 1. And we’re letting you in on why.

10 Reasons to Choose an All Inclusive Over a Cruise:

1. Privacy

It’s possible to completely seclude yourself at your resort. Maybe you’ve been looking forward to your vacation for months, maybe you need some social hibernation – there’s a resort for that. Just ask our BeachMasters about Zoetry Agua Punta Cana. So many resorts are the perfect hideaway vacation spot.


2. No poop decks

Because we all remember the Poop Cruise of 2013. Need I say more?

3. More amenities

Everything a cruise has, an All Inclusive has AND does it better.


First, charged alcohol vs. free alcohol.

Then crowded cruise pools vs. luxury infinity pools.

Next, limited beach access vs. beachin’ all day err’day.

And finally, below sea level window views vs. real balcony ocean or tropical views.

See what I mean?

4. More time on location

Yes, how cool to go from Mexico to Jamaica in a matter of days. But in order to truly know a destination, you need a least 3 nights stay for it to be worth your while. What’s the point of only spending 6 hours on an island? There’s so much beauty and excitement to discover! These places are definitely worth more of your time.

5. Never get left behind

If you’re on an excursion, your boat could potentially leave without you (LOL that would really suck). But at an All Inclusive, your time is your own. You don’t wait on anyone. But someone is always waiting on you. And not the bad kind of waiting– this is the good kind. We’re talking full pool & beach service. You don’t even have to get up to get a drink.


6. Unlimited beverages — alcoholic and non

According to our friends at The Simple Dollar, “Unlike cruises, all-inclusive resorts generally let you drink unlimited included alcoholic beverages. At $6 per beer and more for cocktails, an all-inclusive resort could easily save you $50 or more per couple per day, depending on how much you tend to let loose on vacation.”

Unlimited food & drinks is a game-changer. Even if you’re not a total foodie or beverage connoisseur, it still feels good to give your wallet a vacation too.

7. No road trip fights

“Oh wait, I have to actually drive to get to the cruise ship?”


It may be obvious to some, but a road trip to your vacation prolongs the relaxation time even further. Especially when your road trips look like this:

When booking an All Inclusive, relaxation starts the moment you give us a call. We handle everything from flight bundling to transfers, and everything in between.

8. Your backyard could look like this:



9. Avoid getting sea sick

Ahhh, the beauty of land & relaxation without the worry of nausea and motion sickness. And not just that, but  your resort truly feels like home-away-from-home.

10. Personal travel agents

Finally, there is truly nothing better than having your vacation completely planned how you like it. It’s not about what everyone on the ship wants. It’s solely about what you want. Your personal BeachMaster is here for you to help you get that. Make the trip your own and do what you want.

So, here’s a little recap from our friends at Cruise Critic:

Pick the cruise if you…

“… don’t plan to spend a lot on extra amenities like excursions, spa treatments, or specialty dining.

… like Broadway-style entertainment.

… don’t drink.

… like to gamble.

… want to visit different destinations in a week and enjoy (or don’t mind) days at sea.”

Pick the resort if you…

“… like hanging out in a bathing suit all day.

… want to be able to walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset or anytime you want.

… want to eat and drink as much as possible at multiple dining options without racking up high bills.

… plan on taking advantage of water sports and other activities.”

So, ready to head to an All Inclusive? We can help!