Secrets St James: A “Must See”

In every Romantic Comedy (Rom Com), there’s iconic moments that stand out,
that you remember as you see the credits roll.
It’s those lines that you quote with your friends.

Secrets St. James is that kind of stand out All Inclusive with raving reviews as the best destination for refueled romance: a destination filled with luxe vibes, majestic views, and a true Jamaican experience to add to your BlueSun bucket list.

To convince you Secrets St. James is the place to go in Jamaica, we’ve put it in Rom Com terms.
Because nothing spurs more romance than the classic Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks duo. Or bring about more joy than a Jack Black Rom Com cameo.

So if you’re a Rom Com junkie, check out why Secrets St James is the perfect fit for your next Romantic Getaway: 



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Jamaican culture = Not a care in the world

Remember the final scene of Grease, where all their troubles melt away as they promise to “Go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong,” and everything was all fine & dandy? Well, in Jamaica, that’s actually a real thing. The staff interaction ranges from fun, lively, to super laid back. Everyone just wants to have a good time and Jamaicans know how to have a good time. They’re literally some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

The Sound of Music

The hills are alive with the sound of…Montego Bay

Ahhhhh, the classic & gorgeous landscape in The Sound of Music where Julie Andrews charmingly twirls among the Austrian mountain landscape in pure bliss. Secrets St. James is prime real estate when it comes to gorgeous landscape & location. Pick an oceanview room with a view overlooking the hillside of Montego Bay.

The Holiday
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Everyone loves a little Brit in their lives

Jack Black & Cameron Diaz couldn’t resist the British flavor of Kate Winslet & Jude Law in The Holiday (let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a British accent?). Before Jamaica was liberated in 1969, they were a British colony. After their liberation, they still retain some British tendencies (hence why they speak English). The decor at Secrets St. James is unmatched with majestic luxury and deep dark mahogany vibes giving it a pure Elizabethan feel.

Forest Gump

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Life’s like a Jamaican swim-up bar, you never know what flavor you’re gonna get

If it’s one thing Jamaicans do right, it’s their flavor. Jamaicans knock “flavor” out of the park in everything they do.  If you order a drink in Jamaica, the sugars are the sweetest, the spices are robust, and not to mention their music is the most flavorful of all cultures to make your taste buds truly come alive. Jamaicans also do rum really well. If you order a rum based drink, like a Pina Colada or a Mojito, we can guarantee it’ll be done right.

You’ve Got Mail

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The beauty of small & quaint

Who doesn’t love the quaintness of The Shop Around The Corner in You’ve Got Mail? Secrets St. James, with only 300-ish rooms, can be walked entirely in about 15 minutes. You know what that means? Everything is centrally located. In other words, you don’t have to walk far to get that Margarita refilled for the second, third, or even fourth time (Who’s counting? It’s unlimited). Remember the final scene with Brinkley in the garden park? Nothing says “quaint” like a lush garden. Secrets St. James displays manicured gardens giving you an authentic tropical Jamaican feel as you stroll around the resort.

Sleepless in Seattle

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Private beaches are the chillest & the illest

Need a chill, relaxing, and calm movie to watch late at night while diving into some buttery popcorn? Another Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks classic: Sleepless in Seattle, a low-stress Rom Com compared to the very high strung “When Harry Met Sally”. Do you feel a deep connection as Tom Hanks gazes over the Bay at night? You too can gaze on an even better view of the Caribbean coast on a private beach. Nothing sounds more relaxing or rejuvenating than that. Secrets St. James‘ private beach means only other Secrets guests can access the beach. So it’s likely you could have the whole beach to yourself some nights.

27 Dresses

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Piano bars breed the best entertainment

Nothing is more classic than the piano bar scene in 27 Dresses where the whole bar sings “Benny & the Jets”. It’s everyone’s favorite scene. But this can actually happen in real life at Secrets St. James‘ outdoor piano bar – it’s absolutely fantastic. Dine to classics like “Don’t Stop Believing” & you’ll bond with everyone at the bar in no time.

Your next BlueSun moment

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When it’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday

One of our BeachMaster’s, Jason Hamen, favorite memory at Secrets St. James was hearing the live Reggae band play live Ed Sheerin songs at the Piano Bar as other couples joined them in slow dancing . He still to this day reminds his wife, “Remember that time we slow danced to ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by a live Reggae band? It was freaking awesome.”

Make your Rom Com moment happen at Secrets St. James.