5 Secrets to Making the Most of Your Next Vacation

I don’t know if you’re like this, but it typically takes me the first couple days of vacation to fully relax.

For some reason, even if I’m sitting in paradise, my brain is combing through all the tasks, responsibilities and work files that are sitting at home.

In my mind, this is such a travesty because it’s not like I get to go on vacation all the time — usually once a year. So, I hate wasting time stressing over the things that I was supposed to leave at home.


Though this is still something that haunts most of my vacations, I have gotten a lot better about disengaging while in destination.

Below are a few of my favorite practices for making the most of my travels.

5 Secrets to Making the Most of Your Next Vacation:

1. Turn off your notifications.

This is a super easy way for you to unplug and fully engage in your vacation.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to lock your phone in the safe and forget about it for seven days. This just means that you’re not going get pop-up notifications tempting you to check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You’ll feel good after detoxing from your phone for a few days — trust me.


2. Leave your work life behind.

I know, I know — this is harder than it sounds. I’ve found that the key to fully disengaging from work life is deleting email access from my phone and leaving the laptop at home.

As far as mentally shutting work life off, this is different for everyone. Some people find it helpful to leave a physical representation of work at home — a badge, a bracelet, a laptop. Some people just have to detox, which can take a couple of days.

Regardless of what works for you, do your best to leave the stress of your eight-to-five at home. This will make your vacation so much more enjoyable.


3. Let yourself rest. 

Whether this looks like taking a yoga class every morning or allowing yourself three naps a day, vacations are for restoration.

Honestly, this is incredibly hard for me. Even if I’m physically resting, it takes a while for me to turn my brain off. The most effective practice I’ve found is — and this sounds a little nutty — is deep breaths in and out.

Once I focus on my location and the sounds around me, it’s so much easier to separate myself from life at home.


4. Shake things up.  

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation I like to switch into a different mode.

For me, this looks like completely ditching the usual routine. So, instead of going to be at 10:30 like normal, I may go to a concert, dance at a club or book a wine tasting.

This always makes my vacations more exciting and memorable.


5. Get some sun.

After applying the appropriate amount of sunscreen, you should try to soak up a little vitamin d.

Not only is the sun healthy and energizing, but it can also help you reset. In my experience, being out in the sun helps jump start my vacation mode because it’s so unlike my normal day-to-day life — I work in an office with one skylight.

Plus, who doesn’t want a little after-vacation glow?

So, ready to take your next vacation? We can help!