This Is Why You Should Splurge On a Romantic Dinner During Your Next Vacation

During our last trip to the Dominican Republic, my husband and I decided to splurge on one of the famous Romantic Dinners on the beach — and, let me tell you, it was beyond amazing.

Complete with a beach-side setting, a four-course dinner, one-on-one service, a stunning sunset, live music and, best of all, intimate time with my husband, the experience was definitely one for the books.

Similar to the spa and excursions, this dinner is an added luxury — translation: it costs extra — that you can experience only at AMResorts. Though it required an added expense, both my husband and I found the experience to be 100 percent worth it.

This Is Why You Should Splurge On a Romantic Dinner During Your Next Vacation:


As the name indicates, all dinners are set in a stunning, romantic location.

While beach or poolside, you’ll be surrounded by candlelight, live music and the sound of ocean waves — does it get much better? You’ll also be provided with the utmost privacy so you and your loved one can fully enjoy the moment together.



For your Romantic Dinner, you’ll be assigned a specific waiter or waitress that will take care of your table the entire time. This is great because they can offer advice on the menu, provide refills or snap a photo for you at any point throughout your meal.



When you book a romantic dinner, the chef at your resort will create a special menu exclusively for that night. Typically, it’ll be four or five courses featuring fresh, local ingredients and decadent wine pairings.

During our dinner, my husband and I enjoyed two appetizer courses, a main course of grilled salmon, roasted potatoes and vegetables, a pallet cleanser and our choice of dessert.

It was fabulous.



If you’re a picture-taking fiend like me, you’ll love the setting the Romantic Dinner provides.

Not only will you be dressed to the nines, but you’ll have your love by your side, the ocean as a backdrop and, most likely, the light of a beautiful sunset.



A Romantic Dinner will provide you and your loved one an incredible memory to look back on.

Throughout the evening, you will experience amazing food, one-on-one service, an ocean view, live music and pure romance with one another.

This is a truly special memory that you will always treasure.


So, ready to head out on your next vacation? We can help!