Steps to get Your Working Butt on Vacation

True or False: The less vacations you take, the more successful you will be at work.

FALSE, people.

“Do you remember the last time you were okay with doing nothing?”

We read this convicting question posed in the HBR’s article, “The Data-Driven Case for Vacation.” In this article, HBR begged its readers to take a moment to value paid-time off. HBR referenced stats found from Project : Time Off’s research stating,


This equates to 658 million unused vacation days.

We’ll pause for dramatic effect. 

The simple solution would be to just take a vacation, right? But like we’ve seen in our blog post 10 Most Stressful Things about Vacations, it is more than just taking a vacation. If it is poorly-planned, then the problem perpetuates into more stress & more lost vacation-time.

So, for those that want to have a stress-free vacation this year, here’s where we come in.

BlueSun Vacations will not only plan your vacation for you, but our BeachMasters will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for to get you the most stress-free vacation you’ve ever experienced.

And just in case you still believe that, “I don’t have time to vacation,”

Here’s step-by-step to your next paid vacation days in luxury:

Right now, we’ve got a little crush on Valentin Imperial Maya, Riviera Maya, so we’ll start there. 

Step 1: Open your calendar

We recommend planning at least a month in advance in order to feel stress-free. Got a huge budget meeting coming up in September? This is where planning ahead comes in handy. Good news is, with AVOK insurance you can cancel up to the day before your trip, but don’t sweat the last minute meetings or planned birthday parties that pop up.



You’ll be relaxing so hard that you won’t even care. Emails and dinner dates can wait.

Hint: The peak season for Riviera Maya is January to Easter. The low travel season is May to December.

Step 2: Give us a shout!

We're getting married!

We’re a human booking agency ready to answer your call in a moment’s notice. We can start your vacation planning in a matter of seconds. No holds or different connections to go through. BlueSun Vacations is your direct contact with the best All Inclusive resorts & destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico. Check out our website and chat with us live if you have a quick question and one of our BeachMasters will be ready to answer.

Step 3: Tell us what you want

From your beach experience to your ideal price range, the type of vacation you want will determine your destination and resort. You can say something as simple as,

“I just want to relax on the beach,”

And our experienced BeachMasters can tell you all about the top destinations with the best beaches.

So dream big, because the options are endless from the Caribbean to Mexico.

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Step 4: Sit back, and relax

The hard work is on us now. The moment you pick up the phone, our goal is for you to feel as relaxed as the beach.

Once you’ve told us what you want, we plan everything from the international flight, onward.

Listen to expert advice as we tell you about your resort.

For example, we’ll stick with our favorite & take you to Riveria Maya, Mexico.

Our BeachMasters have sent countless guests on trips to Riviera Maya from honeymoons, anniversary trips, to family reunions. Riviera Maya takes the cake every time.

Looking to relax on a white sandy beach in a unique Mexican styled resort, with food variety and a fun atmosphere?

We’ve got just the place for you: Bask in the tropical luxury suites overlooking the Caribbean Sea or beautiful pool & lagoon of

Valentin Imperial Maya.


It’s great for first time guests. This resort is single-owned so it’s unique and unlike any other resort. It’s big and fun with lively dancing at night, swim-out rooms to the pools, roof terrace with an outdoor Jacuzzi, and amazing sites to see like horseback riding in the ocean.

Step 5: Check your wardrobe & vacation in style

When you book with BlueSun Vacations, we provide an essential packing list from our experienced BeachMasters. They’ll hook you up with all the packing low-down so you won’t feel like a newbie while in another country. When in doubt, remember your travel documents, swimwear, sunscreen, toiletries, and some sort of shoes to bop around the resort.




Step 6: Unplug & hit up that cocktail hour

We’ve thought through every detail. The choice to unplug and de-stress is yours.

But when you do, get ready for no drink tabs, no expensive dinners, and no traffic to herd through. The moment you step foot on your resort, get a warm welcome with a cocktail at your personalized check-in. Be treated like a star. Escape into a world where your every wish is honored. Come indulge yourself – you deserve it.


airplane ride


Vacationing doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. That’s beauty of travel experts – we do all the work so you don’t have to. Isn’t that the point of vacationing anyway?