8 Steps to Keep Reliving Your Vacation

I think it’s unanimous that returning from vacation is definitely the hardest reality to swallow. But who can’t deny the sparks that ignite within you when asked, “How was your trip to Punta Cana?!” It’s been weeks since I’ve returned from my trip & a friend asked me that question the other day. The sparks were definitely flying.



Let’s get a little nerdy for a second:

A NY Times article about reliving your vacation states, “A number of studies suggest that much pleasure can be derived from actively anticipating a vacation: looking at photos of the places you plan to visit, reading about the culture, making dinner reservations, or simply imagining yourself enjoying your time there.”

Maintaining the post-trip happiness can be tough and research shows that the “glow” fades quickly.

So we decided to get a few steps ahead of the curve & give you a plan for how to maintain your post-trip glow this year.


8 Steps to Keep Reliving Your Vacation


1. Start with your mementos

This ☀️weather RN is not helping my craving to be back

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Let your vacation mementos sustain the warm vibes of your beach trip. Print your favorite pictures & keep them around the house. Change your profile picture, desktop, and phone backgrounds to remember your time at the beach every day afterwards.


2. Rewear your favorite trip outfit

beach night

If you picked out a new dress or tie for your “romantic night on the beach”, find an excuse to whip it out this coming Friday date night and let the memories come rushing back of your post-dinner walk on the beach.


3. Recreate beachy drinks


¡Muy conmociona!

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We’re all about this tip & strongly encourage it. Invite some friends, grab some tiny drink umbrellas, & mix those margs!


¡Muy conmociona!

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4. Get in the sun ASAP

In denial that it's almost September. Also, Matt's face in this pic is prime time.

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Whether it’s a walk around the building during your lunch break or finding any nearby pool in sight, make any excuse to get out in the sun. Also see our blog 7 Best Self-Tanners of All Time for a little sun-kissed cheat sheet.


5. Bomb it up! (beach bomb that is)

Shout out to @lushcosmetics for making me feel like I was bathing in a beautiful oil spill.

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Dudes, bath bombs are not just for your wife or lady friends. Our CEO takes baths weekly with a nice glass of bubbly & a good read.


6. Smell the memories


A good scent is everything and the resort world knows it too well. So why not bring great scents with you everywhere you go!

You can find some great face masks for under $2, essential oil towelettes, and eucalyptus massage oil…say no more. Paired with a great candle (especially one that smells exactly like a Secrets resort) and you’re destined to be sent straight back to your vacation in just a whiff.


7. Continue the “rest” mentality

You don’t need an excuse to “get away” or “rest”. Whether it’s a weekend away, a Saturday doing nothing, or starting off your morning meditating, resting will remind you of that vacation feeling & make the day-to-day routine a little more bearable.


8. Start stalking for your next trip accessories

Untitled design (55)

These are some of my favorite brands to follow on Instagram for beachy outfit inspiration. Start searching now for your next favorite accessory or swimsuit to take on vacation. It’s never too early to start planning ahead & it makes planning way less stressful for next time.


9. DM your BM (aka direct message your BeachMaster)


A well-planned vacation can eliminate any unnecessary stress – we’ve seen this with our guests first hand. Get started early on that family trip just in time for your daughter’s graduation or your best friend’s bachelorette party.

Ready to day dream with us?

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