Why You Should Swim with Turtles at Secrets Akumal

At the mention of the word “turtles” you may be someone who is very veryy passionate about seeing them:


Or you may just low-key like animals:


No matter where you land on the spectrum, “swimming with turtles” is an underrated yet incredible experience! And there’s the misconception that in order to swim with turtles, you have to go somewhere really far way and exotic.


Not only are there plenty of animal-friendly resorts you can visit to check off your bucket list, but you can swim with turtles at one of our most luxurious, All Inclusive resorts (and my personal favorite) – Secrets Akumal in Riviera Maya!

I stayed here on my honeymoon and realized not only how easy and fun it is to swim with turtles, but also how ideal this location is for snorkeling and seeing turtles specifically. If you’re looking for a romantic, Adults Only vacation or are in search of animal-friendly destinations, look no further!

 Why You Should Swim with Turtles at Secrets Akumal 

1. Largest population

Akumal literally means “place of turtles” in Mayan, so if that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is! Also, Secrets Akumal is home to one of the largest green sea turtle populations in Mexico.


2. New experiences

It’s sooooo good to get out of your comfort zone from time to time. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of laying under a beach cabana with a Mango Tango and doing nothing! But on my honeymoon, it was a great change of pace to knock something off my bucket list. Secrets Akumal makes it so accessible to enjoy the beauty of nature because it’s literally right outside your temporary “backyard” for the week – it’s an experience worth taking.


3. Fun for every age & personality

You may read the words “new experience” and your mind immediately goes to that carnival ride in 7th grade that made you puke your guts out. This was my husband on our honeymoon, so you aren’t alone if this is you too.

But if there was ever a more chill, relaxing, low-key excursion, it would be this one! You literally can just walk from your room, to the beach, to not-very-deep in the ocean and you’re there, swimming with turtles. And he loved it — here’s proof!


4. Eco-friendly & safe

Swimming with turtles is the perfect activity for all the nature and animal lovers out there. The great thing about this activity is it’s a safe way to interact with them and observe sea-life beauty. Secrets Akumal does a great job at keeping their beaches clean, as well as upholding the rules: simply keep your distance from the turtles and don’t attempt to touch, ride or feed them.

A little snorkeling! #secretsakumal

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5. It’s included!

You can literally just walk up to the information desk on the beach, grab a snorkel, mask and life-jacket and walk into the ocean at no extra cost. You can sign up for a guided tour if you want, or you can hang back and casually admire the turtles beneath you. It’s pretty incredible and included in your stay, so why not?!


6. Voted a Top 10 Beach

Secrets Akumal was awarded TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for one of the the “Top 10 Beaches in Mexico” in 2014. It’s an ideal location for snorkeling, scuba diving, and sport fishing because it’s the world’s second largest barrier reef, which sits just 150 meters off the resort’s beach.

Worth it after nursing school, studying for the NCLEX and going through the ICU internship.

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7. Because they’re adorable…

I mean, just look how cool this is!!!


You ready to go swimming with some turtles? We’ll hook you up with an amazing resort. Also, it’s absolutely free to call us!