13 Beautiful Tattoos For Anyone Who Loves The Ocean

Since I live in land-locked Arkansas, I only make it to the ocean a couple times a year — if that.

Because of this, it’s on my bucket list to get a tattoo — or tattoos — that will remind me of it at all times. The only reason I haven’t got one yet is because I literally can’t choose.

There are wayyy too many amazing options.


From palm trees, to waves, to shells, there are so many ways to beautifully represent one of the greatest — and prettiest — resources on our planet.

Even if you’re not into tattoos, you’re going to be blown away by these stunning designs.

13 Beautiful Tattoos For Anyone Who Loves The Ocean:

1. Shell

2. Wave

3. Palm Tree

4. Whale

5. Beach Scene

6. Jellyfish 

7. Sun

8. Mermaid Tail

9. Pineapple

10. Dolphin

11. Sunset 

12. Seagull

13. Sailboat

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