7 Biggest Perks of Using a Travel Agency (Yes, Even in 2018)

These days, it can be rare to say the words “travel agent” and not get this type of response:

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With all the technology that has developed over the last decade, it’s become our natural instinct to do everything ourselves — usually with the simple click of a button.

However, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD.  And this old cliche definitely applies to the task of planning a vacation.

I can’t speak for every travel agency out there, but I can speak for one…can you guess which one? (Ha-ha).

The 7 Biggest Perks of Using a Travel Agency (Yes, Even in 2018):

1. The agents are experts when it comes to travel.

Or should I say, “masters.” You can google and do as much research as you want, but chances are, the person you call has not only studied your destination of interest in depth, but has also been there before! Personal experience is arguably a more reliable source than a random blog post or website intended to convince you of something regardless.

2. They have connections.

Because the BeachMasters have worked with a wide variety of resorts and their employees, it’s very likely that they’ve established relationships with these companies — including the one you want to stay at! This means a higher chance of room upgrades, spa vouchers, and resort perks during your stay than if you were to book it yourself.

3. You’ll have one source of accountability.

One of the worst things about booking a flight, resort stay, transfer, etc. on your own, is the amount of different people you end up speaking to throughout the process. One company says one thing that may completely contradict what another tells you. These situations only end in frustration and stress. The better option? Book with a BeachMaster and you’ll have one point of contact, regardless of what travel element the problem arises in!

4. All of your documents will be in one place.

Something I almost always experience with any kind of trip is feeling all over the place when it comes to travel documents. Between a passport, boarding pass, resort confirmation, airport transfer confirmation — you’re almost always bound to lose track of at least one. (Hopefully not the passport!) It’s a very soothing feeling to know that everything you need for your trip is in at least one person’s hands, if not yours.

5. It saves a TON of time.

By the time you’ve scrolled through all the possible destinations, your brain is probably fried — you can’t stare at a computer screen any longer and they basically all look the same. This leads you to choose the one that appears to be good enough and you’ll most likely regret this decision later when you missed the fine print and end up paying for lots of hidden fees. On the other hand, all you have to do is dial a phone number (1-800-380-7927), let the BeachMaster know your thoughts and ideas, and within a few minutes, you’ll have it narrowed down.

6. You’ll get the lowest price possible.

There’s a common misconception that using a travel agency winds up being a lot more expensive than if you booked something yourself. That might be true in some cases, but many times, it’s not. Especially not with BlueSun! We price match every trip, which means if you present your BeachMaster with a trip you found on Expedia.com or another site for cheaper, he or she will be able to discount the BlueSun package to that price. Score!

7. Gain more knowledge about the destination you’re headed to.

One of the coolest things about booking a vacation through a travel agent is that they will remember the things you won’t during the planning process. You’ve got your flight and you’ve got your hotel — but what about getting to and from the airport? This might be an entirely separate company you’ll have to track down and coordinate. What about all the amenities and perks at your resort? Did you even know there was snorkeling and on-site excursions included in your package? These are things you may not have taken advantage of had you not spoken with a Master of the Beach!

Are you convinced yet? Stop scrolling and clicking through the endless amount of options — all it takes is a quick dial and you’ll be on your way to beach in no time!