The Best Types of Movies to Watch on a Plane

In my opinion, long-haul flights and movies are a match made in heaven.

Not only do flights typically give you the perfect amount of time to start and finish a film, but they provide the ideal atmosphere for diving head-first into the movie’s plot. If you think about it, an airplane seat is kind of like your own personal theater.

But, you want to be really careful about the movie you pick. For instance, you wouldn’t want to watch a movie about a plane crash while on a plane — at least, I wouldn’t.

So below, are some examples of the types of movies — along with some suggestions — that would be perfect for your next flight.

The Best Types of Movies to Watch on a Plane:

The Tear-Jerker:

Lady Bird






Inside Out 


The Relaxing Comedy:

The Big Sick 


Girls Trip


The Intern


How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days


The Sleeping Pill:

Blue Jay


Anne of Green Gables




Mildred Pierce


The Action Film:

Mad Max




Raiders of the Lost Ark


The Dark Knight


The Background Noise:

The Big Lebowski


The Princess Bride


Jurassic Park



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