9 Things All Travelers Have Done, But Won’t Admit To

We all know that social media lies,  right?

Even though we see intimate (edited, cropped and staged) photos of a person’s life through Facebook and Instagram, that doesn’t mean we know everything about them.

This shouldn’t be news to you.


But, what may be news to you is that this rule also applies to travelers.

Even though life on vacation can be a fantasy, 99.9 percent of the time, there are things going on behind the scenes that don’t make the final social media cut. So, while photos are revealing one (most likely glamorous) side of your vacation, there’s a whole different side that no one talks about.

Well, until now.

9 Things All Travelers Have Done, But Won’t Admit To:

1. Given a fake name a backstory.

Though it wouldn’t hurt to tell your new resort bestie all about your real life, something about being “Brandy” from “Chicago” seems so much cooler.

And, no one blames you! This is the one chance you have to be whoever you want to be.

2. Stolen all the soaps and things from the hotel bathroom.

Okay, it’s not technically stealing — the stuff is free. But, are you really ever going to use it? I mean, that hotel bar soap will probably dry your skin up faster than a day in the sun.

3. Peed in the ocean.

You’ve obviously done this, and there’s nothing at all wrong with it — but, for some reason, you’re hesitant to admit it to your peers.

4. Peed in the pool.

If you’re telling me that you’ve never peed at a swim-up bar — I call bull. I mean, if you’re sitting on one of those underwater stools sipping on five, six or seven margaritas, you’re going to have to pee at some point. And chances are, you’re not going to haul it to the nearest bathroom.

5. “Forgotten” to wear sunscreen.

Just admit it — you want to go home with a tan, and “forgetting” to wear sunscreen is going to expedite that process. It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

6. Snuck into the neighboring All-Inclusive resort.

Sure, your resort is awesome and has everything you need, but we all have “grass  is greener” syndrome. So, when there’s another resort just a stones throw away, of course you’re going to sneak in and see what they have to offer.

7. Overshared on social media.

I once read that people hate their friends the most when they’re on vacation — does that make sense? Basically, people get jealous and therefore annoyed when they see your happy beach pictures on social media. But honestly, who cares?

8. Bought souvenirs for your friends and family, but kept them.

I mean, your friends and family have no memory of the place you stayed, so you would benefit more from a memento anyway — right?

9. Felt homesick.

You’re on vacation having the time of your life, so it seems silly to feel homesick, right? Well, this is pretty common. Even though you’re sitting under a beach cabana being waited on hand and foot, it’s hard not to wonder what you’re dog’s doing right about now.

10. Staged “candid” photos.

This is something we’ve all done, and it’s okay.

Photo: Instagram