14 Things You’ll Understand If You Need a Vacation — Bad

I don’t know about you, but vacations are the best part of my year (read: life).

Like, I honestly love my every day life — the routine, my friends, my job, my dogs, etc. — but, if I could go on vacation every other week, I would. Not only does it bring a sense of adventure and relaxation to my life, but it gives me the opportunity to see the people I’m traveling with in a different light.

Unfortunately though, vacations don’t come that often — insert sad face emoji. So, if you’re like me, and have been working yourself to near-death for the past however-many months, you’ll understand the struggle.

14 Things You’ll Understand If You Need a Vacation — Bad:

1. The beach stock-photo background on your co-worker’s computer is driving you crazy.


2. You’ve seriously thought about quitting your job just so you can get a couple weeks off.


3. All of the sudden, you’ve become very interesting in online shopping — for bathing suits.

4. You spend a lot of your workday aimlessly scrolling through travel sites.

And, because of that, your Facebook feed has become filled with ads for vacations — which just makes things worse.


5. You recently started following a ton of travel-oriented Instagram profiles.

6.You keep posting “throwback” photos from your last vacation.

Just a piece of advice — stop. People don’t like seeing your three-year-old beach photos on their Instagram feed.

Throwback Vacation 😍 #kyliejenner

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7. You’ve started ignoring (and even blocking) your friends who are on vacation. 

Their overly-joyful pictures are making you crazy.


8. You’ve started planning a trip that is WAY over your price point. 


9. Your inbox is filled with vacation ads and travel newsletters from companies you’ve never even heard of.


10. You’ve made a list of all the books you want to read on the beach.

Actually teared up when finishing this book… I wanted it to go on forever.

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11. Your work week is starting to feel like it’s 10 years long.

This is me today #monday #tired #needaholiday #bringmegin

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12. Every time you look at a travel blog, you instantly feel relieved.

13. So, you’ve decided to just go ahead and book a vacation.

14. Because you deserve it.